Confession: Number Six


It has been a day of testing my positive thinking. I got my panties in a wad over things and the bad mood came knocking at my door.

I have two Pet Peeves that try my patience and can instantly put me in a bad mood.

My day started off with a dentist appointment (first pet peeve) at 10 a.m. I’m, usually, not up before noon, so I slept for about five hours then had to get ready for my date with Dr. Pain (what I call the dentist).

I made sure I left with plenty of time to get to my appointment so I wasn’t adding to the stress I was already feeling, because I hate to see Dr. Pain. And, I knew I was going to get shot up with novocain, because I was having a filling replaced.

The interstate was a parking lot and every bad word flew out of my mouth, because now I was going to be late and I didn’t want to be late.

My other pet peeve, TRAFFIC. It drives me insane and I become a hostile driver. When I found out what was causing the hold up on the interstate I wanted to punch People had to slow down to stare at the car accident and cops. The accident was already moved to the side of the road, ambulance and fire trucks gone, and the cops were wrapping up the accident, so there was no need for the TRAFFIC.

I calmed down at Dr. Pain’s office, which is ironic that I would since I was anxious about getting the shot. But my dentist has T.V.s in every exam room, so I was distracted by HGTV and I like watching the before and after renovations…lol.


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