Grief: It’s not Simple


I saw this picture and laughed. It’s so right on when it comes to grief.

People, who have not experienced a Great Loss, don’t understand grief. At least, this has been my experience. When I say Great Loss it’s a loss that shatters your world, changes it, and changes the person grieving.

Grief is not linear. It’s not simple or follows a certain pattern. Yes, everyone goes through shock, disbelief, pain, anger, guilt, depression and adjustment. But, everyone experiences the grief cycle in different ways. When you think the pain is done ten years later the pain will overwhelm you, again. And the anger. And depression. Then you’ll adjust to the loss, again.

Time will pass and life will continue then grief will hit you, again.

Losing someone, it’s not easy.

Grieving their death, there’s no simple solution to deal with the loss and it’s normal to still grieve over the loss year after year and for many years.


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