Fear: Live, Love..Don’t Be Afraid


I read this blog, Advice from a Dying 24 Year Oldon MakeItUltra’s blog page. Read it. Take the time, read the blog, keep reading it and think about what this 24 year old is telling you.

What he says is what I experienced with my parents as they fought cancer and when they faced death. NOTHING matters when you’re dying. EXCEPT, love, happiness and living.

This 24 year old is right do what you love and that makes you happy. Work IS work if you don’t love what you do. You’re simply just collecting a paycheck.

Taking control of your life, this is YOUR LIFE. Live it the way you want, because when you’re facing death and you didn’t live it the way you wanted you’re sitting around regretting what you didn’t do.

My mother and father both had many regrets as they waited to die. And I watched my mother try to do the things she didn’t do for various reasons as the cancer ravaged her body. It was really sad to witness this and taught me to just live with no regrets.

However, it’s taken me awhile to live with no fear, to go after my dreams, to just do what I’ve been wanting to do (skydive, travel, etc.) and to open my heart. I spent a lot of time being afraid after my mother died and my divorce.

Then one day, I just said f*#k it and started living with no fear. I went back to working on my writing, making plans to jump out of a plane and I let another person into my life.

Going after my dream of being a published writer, it’s not easy. I’m always tired and don’t want to work on it, but I push myself to just do it. Because my dream can’t happen with my book just stored in my laptop.

If I found out I was dying tomorrow, I’d regret not doing the many things I want to do, like skydive. When I die I want no regrets or only a few. But if I have another fifty years to live then I’m going to do everything I want to do.

Despite opening my heart, the person didn’t want me, his behavior was cold and mean before and after moving away and I was really hurt. But I didn’t close my heart. I’m not letting the experience with him make me bitter or afraid to love someone. And to just forgive. Because I know if I close my heart, never forgive and I let past hurt keep me from letting someone into my life, I’ll never find love.

If you were told you would die tomorrow, think about it, because you could. You could get in your car and BOOM, car accident and die. What would you want to do before you died and have you lived your life where there would be no regrets?


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