Positive Thinking: Great Moments


For April 26-27, 2016

  1. Tuesday Night at work flew by – it was a trying night, because I had to cover two floors and a bad mood kept trying to creep in. But, I stayed positive about how it made the night fly by.
  2. The norovirus at work is under control. (knock on wood) I haven’t caught it yet.
  3. I made a fellow nurse happy by simply giving her some chocolate. After lunch she said she wanted something sweet and I happen to have some candy in my bag.
  4. A code blue (patient stops breathing) was revived and sent to ICU.
  5. Went to Costco last night and replenished my toilet paper supply (I get nervous when supplies get low, I’m weird like that…LOL) KIRLAND-SIGNATURE-BATH-TISSUE
  6. Costco has pretty smelling scented body wash. I got excited about this. olay
  7. I have HBO FREE, 50 Shades of Gray Unrated and Tropic Thunder are available to watch. And, it’s ON DEMAND, I keep forgetting about this feature.
  8. All the Great posts on Facebook and Twitter about Prince, he really was One of a Kind. I’m really going to miss him. I’ve put together profile pics in memory of Prince (future blog post coming).
  9. Always a Great moment, Spending time with my pups.
  10. Talking to a friend, he reminded me about flying in a glider this summer. I can’t wait!

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