Death Taught Me to Live


As I’m living in the moment, I keep thinking about when my mom and dad were fighting cancer. They weren’t thinking about what or who made them angry.

Regrets, this is what they shared with me. They regretted things they didn’t do, things they didn’t say and things they didn’t resolve.

If I was to die tomorrow,  I know I’d have many regrets. One being that I haven’t visited my sister. I said to my cousin when my sister was in the ICU that I should visit my sister while she’s alive. So I’m putting action with my words.

Despite that I don’t get along with her husband, I’m not going to make that an excuse not to visit. Also, my sister can annoy and piss me off, but as long as we’re both still breathing, we’ll get on each other’s nerves. The fact of the matter is she’s my sister and we care about each other and that’s all that matters.

From my parent’s struggle with cancer and death, I understand what’s really important in life, which is family and friends, being kind and caring, being positive, happiness and going after what you want. I’m reflecting and learning from their mistakes, and doing all the things I want to do instead of just wishing to do them.


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