Positive Thinking: What was Great about this Weekend

download (5).jpg

For April 29-May 1

I want to preface this post with how the positive thinking is going. It really does make a difference.  Especially on the days that try my patience and tempt a bad mood to rule the day, I really focus on the positives during these times. It keeps me in a cheery mood and to realize what was good among the not so good.

  1. Stepping out of my comfort zone and deciding to go to Vegas! I’m a bit of a tight wad with money. I get this from my mother, who was not one to just do and buy like my dad.
  2. Enjoying the sun for the 10 minutes I saw it this weekend, it rained/snowed the entire time.
  3. Helping co-workers when I can.
  4. Sleep…it’s scarce when I work.
  5. Mediterranean salad, I bought for lunch.
  6. Chatting with some co-workers that I haven’t chatted with outside of work.
  7. It’s May, which means only one month left of random snow days.
  8. Seeing one co-worker, we always laugh and laugh when we see each other.
  9. One of my co-workers in the emergency room, where I used to work, his baby boy was born today, healthy and so cute.
  10. Snicker doodle cookies, a different co-worker in the emergency room bought me the cookies Saturday night, which was really nice of him to do that.

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