Sex: Being Single


Yes, I’m going to talk about S.E.X. and the dirty side of sex. It’s not what you’re thinking. I’m going to talk about what everyone wants to ignore, STDs. If you’re single and dating, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are a reality.

And because of STDs, this is why I didn’t have sex for three years after my divorce and why I choose celibacy over getting my freak on with every guy that is interested in me on Tinder.

I’m not going to lie three years without sex was not great. I was super busy so sex wasn’t on my mind much. And I’m not shy about touching myself so it wasn’t completely horrible. But what I miss more than sex is just being close to someone, touching, kissing, sharing my life with the guy I love and having that special person love me.

BUT being single, a girl has to be careful and take care of herself (guys need to take care of themselves, too). The fact is condoms protect guys way more than they protect girls so, ladies, we have to be even extra, extra cautious when it comes to sex.

Let’s face it the STDs we are scared of are HIV and Hepatitis C, because there’s no cure for these diseases. Sure, there’s medicine that can control the viruses, but I use to be a social worker and I worked with people living with HIV and Hep C and the meds are not miracle drugs. When a pill is created that gets rid of HIV and Hep C that will be a miracle drug.

So, I met a guy after my three years of no sex. We clicked, there was crazy chemistry and yes sex between us. I wasn’t, too, worried that I had caught anything from him. BUT, there was still that 1% of me that wondered.

I saw my gynecologist on Monday of this week and told her, I had sex with a guy so test me for everything. Sure, it’s scary to have the tests done, because the dreaded call that something came back positive could happen. I felt like Samantha, from Sex and the City, did when she went to get tested for STDs. However, I’d rather know if something is wrong than not know. Two days later, I got a call from my gynecologist that all tests came back negative. Wooohoooo!

It’s hard being single. Like any human, I love sex, but I like being healthy more than sex so I’m back to being celibate.

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