Waiting – Life Lesson: Number Eighteen


Yesterday, I went to see my gynecologist, again. I had to have an ultrasound done to see why I was spotting between periods. Female stuff, I know guys don’t like to hear about this stuff…lol.

I’ve never had an ultrasound done and didn’t know that this wand thing was going to put inside me. It didn’t hurt until the doctor started moving it around trying to get different views of my uterus.

Well, I have fibroids. What are they? I have no idea. I still need to do research to find out what they are, how I got them and what I should do about them.

You’re thinking didn’t the doctor go over this with you. Exactly! I could have sworn the ultrasound person told me that my gynecologist would see me after my ultrasound procedure was done.

So, I went back to the waiting room and waited. And waited. And waited. An hour passed and I was the only one in the waiting room. I asked the receptionist if I was going to see my gynecologist today. No! I had no appointment to see my doctor.

Now, I know to ask right after any procedures if I can leave or do I have to wait for my doctor…lol.


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