HIV: Atlanta, Georgia


If you are a minority, you need to read this.

I saw this post on Facebook and, honestly, it disturbed me. Why? Because this statistic makes me sad, it shouldn’t exist, because of the HIV Awareness and Education that exists. And what the HELL is going on in Atlanta that allowed this to happen?

The latest news, medical research and statistics about HIV I’m not up-to-date on and, well, the information is out there. When I worked with people living with HIV I was informed with the latest news about this disease. Since I haven’t been working in this area, I like many Americans just don’t seek out the information.

But I should, because I’m a minority woman, single and like being healthy.

Working with people living with HIV, I became interested in this population after my father got cancer. I couldn’t work with people with cancer, because it was too close to what I was dealing with. But for some reason I could separate myself from those suffering from HIV, despite that the diseases are very similar.

HIV mutates rapidly, there’s no cure and inevitably people infected will die from complications caused by having HIV, which is just like cancer. Those uneducated about HIV and the drugs that help control HIV from taking over the white cells don’t understand that the HIV medication is not the cure all be all. The side effects from the medications are horrible and reality is despite the meds a person is still infected with the disease.

I use to conduct training classes for volunteers and educated them about the latest HIV statistics and medications. I’m sure the statistics haven’t changed on who was the leading population infected with HIV, African-American Women with Hispanic women following close behind.


The articles claimed it was due to culture and beliefs about sex within these racial populations. What I didn’t get information about was within these communities how much education about HIV was being taught. I’m curious with Atlanta having a high African-American population, what and how much HIV education is being taught in the African-American communities.

HIV wasn’t a concern in American when it was considered a Gay disease. Is it going to take 1 of 51 white Americans to be infected with HIV for it to not be put on the back burner, funding to not be cut on education and awareness and for statistics like in Atlanta to not exist?

Look at your children, HIV doesn’t discriminate. It’s not a racial or sexual orientation disease. ANYONE can get it.


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  1. thesmilingpilgrim · May 16, 2016

    This is just totally crazy!


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