One of my favorite movies is Michael and I watched it the other day. I guess it could be called a chick flick since William Hurt and Andi McDowell fall in love with each other. They don’t get along when they first meet, but there’s an attraction between them. In the end, it was Michael the Angel, who helped them connect, because their differences and the conflict between them was keeping them from admitting they loved each other.

Another movie the Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt fall in love with each other. But the Angels or whoever they are that’s given the name the Adjustment Bureau try to keep Damon and Blunt from getting into a relationship, because Damon is destined to live a different life that does not include Blunt.

I’ve often wondered if life is like these movies. Does Free Will exist? Do we determine our Fate? Or is our lives already planned out for us? When we stray from the path that is already set are there Angels or some higher being interfering in our lives to steer us back on that set path?

Sometimes, I feel that I’ve meet certain people on purpose. There are higher beings that are “helping” in my life. I think this, because there were things that happened in my life that just seemed odd.

When I met my ex I had no interest in him. I thought he was good-looking, but it wasn’t like you know the feeling when you meet someone and instant attraction. I didn’t have that with my ex. We kept running into each other then we ended up having a class together.

After encountering each other several times, it was like someone put a spell on me one day and I noticed my ex. I had this strong desire to be with him in a relationship. From that day when I was struck my cupid’s arrow, I set out to make him mine.

There’s been other times where it felt like something bigger than me was helping me or interfering with my life. Since it’s not something physical that I can see or talk to, I wonder if it’s real or just my imagination.


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