Relationships: Communication


I saw this quote and it pretty much sums up how a relationship falls apart. And if the communication is bad, the marriage crumbles, too.

If you’re in a marriage or a relationship, the two of you are fighting a lot or the only communication is fighting. It’s headed for divorce.

Several years, my ex and I fought. The arguing just increased and became worse with each passing year.

If you’re dating someone, the communication leads to fighting or the two of you aren’t communicating at all. The relationship will probably end soon.

If you’re wanting to get back with someone, one of you is not communicating with the person you dated. The guy/girl is not interested anymore.

So conclusion, pay attention to the communication going on between you and your partner or the guy/girl you want, because it’s a red flag. If it’s not good communication or one is not communicating at all, well, it’s time to fix it if you’re married or in a relationship. If you’re trying to get back with a guy/girl, it’s time to let go and move on.


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