Girl Power: Rottweilers


Rottweilers are gentle Giants. They possess qualities that I think women/girls should have.

This breed is naturally Alpha dogs and if you’re not a Leader to a Rottweiler, they will step up to the plate and be Alpha with you and other dogs.

You have to gain the Rottweiler’s respect for them to follow you and see you as Alpha.

Fiercely protective of property and loved ones.

Proud breed that doesn’t lack self-confidence.

Extremely loving, if a Rottweiler is aggressive and vicious, it’s because a human raised them that way.

Loyal, this breed will be your best friend forever.

Stubborn, they are very determined dogs and super smart.

Independent, they will be part of the pack, but are not needy.

If I had a daughter, I would show her how to be Alpha to a Rottweiler, because it really helps a person to have confidence, to be calm, assertive and be a leader. Rottweilers are a challenging breed to prove your Alpha. You have to have a strong personality with them and not be afraid to be assertive.

NOT Aggressive, be Assertive.

All dogs read energy. Aggressive energy tells them a dog or person is unstable, so they will not follow unstable energy.

By practicing calm and assertive energy, this helps a person to stay level headed even in challenging situations. Rotties are challenging so they will make you practice being calm and assertive a lot.

Since a person has to gain a Rottweiler’s respect, this teaches females that they should, also, have that quality. Yes, men want unconditional respect, but females remember you deserve respect, too. If a man wants to be respected as a man, think like a Rottweiler and only give respect if the man has shown he is worthy of your time, love and being your king by respecting you.

Rotties are strong and proud creatures, but are a puddle of love and not afraid to show that love. Ladies, we can be strong females and be very loving. If a man is intimidated by your strength, he’s not the man for you. If a man takes advantage of your love, then be like a Rottie and show him the Independent side of you by walking away.

So Ladies, my point in this blog is be Strong, Independent, a Leader and to possess these qualities doesn’t mean you have to be a Bitch. It means you are smart, confident, know what you want and not afraid to share your heart with the right person.


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