Positive Thinking: What was Great About this Weekend


For May 13 thru May 17, 2016

  1. Surviving working four 12 hour graves in a row, it’s hard just doing three.
  2. Monday, because it was my Friday.
  3. Sleeping, because in four days I got 12 hours of sleep.
  4. Eating Dove Dark Chocolate with Almonds candy.
  5. Saltwater Taffy, I LOVE this candy, a parent brought us two huge bags at work.
  6. Starting a new book, The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter.
  7. FREE food at work, ice cream and nachos.
  8. Finding a Batman T-shirt, Batman is my favorite.
  9. Antinol arriving, it looks like it’s helping Zeus with his arthritis and sore muscles.
  10. The Kong Cloud arriving for Zeus, his leg is shaved where the vet put in the IV for his teeth cleaning and Zeus kept licking that area, so it wasn’t healing. The Kong will prevent Zeus from licking his leg.
  11. Realizing something about someoneĀ and moving on to make my life more positive.

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