Positive Thinking: What is Great About this Guy


I was thinking about the guy I was dating and when a person is hurt, it’s easy to think negatively about the person, who hurt you. My ex has many negative views about me. This probably helps ease the pain of our marriage failing.

After thinking about the guy I was dating, I thought I have the power to Choose to focus on his positive qualities. What makes him a good guy?

  1. He’s a gentleman.
  2. He’s funny.
  3. He’s a devoted father to his kids that he loves very much.
  4. He’s super smart.
  5. He’s kind.
  6. He’s considerate.
  7. He’s appreciative.
  8. He’s adventurous.
  9. He’s dedicated.
  10. He’s brave.

And if we had more time together to get to know each other better, I’m sure I could come up with more of his awesome qualities.

Sure, I’m still hurting from things not working out between us. But, I realized, today, I can choose to hurt and think negatively, like my ex does with me most of the time or think positive. I’m choosing to think positive, remember what a great guy he is and remember the good times between us.

Because negative thinking only hurts me and makes me a bitter woman, which really doesn’t accomplish anything.


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