Social Worker


I used to be a social worker before cancer took my mother away. After she died, I couldn’t do social work anymore. I didn’t have it in me to deal with other people’s pain, chaotic life and the compassion I had was gone.

The passion to help others was always a part of me. Compassion and understanding about people’s pain, their tragedies, and helping them was something that came natural to me.

But, I had too much pain and tragedy in my life where it left me with nothing to give to others.

Leaving my career as a social worker, I don’t regret it. The desire to go back to it, well, the desire has never come back. But, some people feel I should go back, because my education is in social work.

I feel that my social work life was a part of my past. Maybe, the things I learned during my time as a social worker were lessons I will apply to running a non-profit.



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