Non-Profit: Idea, Creating, and Coming Soon


As I was perusing Facebook, THE IDEA for the kind of non-profit to create hit me. I thought about its purpose,  its goals and figured out how to make it possible.

The GREAT thing about it is I can start it myself. I won’t need a staff, so the cost is minimal.

Best part about it, I’m fulfilling a dream, which is saving as many dogs as I can!

Yes, I still want to be a published writer and I’m still pursuing that. But, I’ve learned that in life a person should always have a plan A, plan B and a plan C.

The non-profit will be a fun, exciting and challenging job that I’ll enjoy doing as I wait to become Twilight Big writer success…lol. I don’t need to be that successful as a writer. But, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

If you recall my previous blog titled, Mom-Dreams, my mom was in this dream where I was discussing how I wanted to create a non-profit. Yeah, I know freaky, but I’ve come to learn that the dreams with my mother and/or my father in them they are telling me about the future.


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