Balance: Non-profit


 I worked on the website for the non-profit I’m creating on Saturday for eight hours. After the eight hours, I took my pups for a walk and when I came back I watched a movie. In the beginning of watching the movie, I struggled with just watching the movie, because I felt I should work on my non-profit some more.

However, I kept reminding myself I have to have balance. When I get focused on something I can go mach 10, ignore everything in my life and burn myself out. After telling myself over and over to keep balance in my life, I stopped pressuring myself to keep working and just enjoyed the movie.

Later that night, I had a panic attack and became overwhelmed over my non-profit endeavor. I wondered if I was getting into something that was going to be too much for me to handle. The fear of failure crept in. I calmed myself down by telling myself that I can’t do all of this by myself and to start looking for volunteers. And I told myself that I would make lots of mistakes, but that didn’t mean I was failing.

I had to try, because the real failure was to get caught up in my fears and do nothing to achieve my Goals.


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