Despite knowing death is going to happen, one is never fully prepared. A patient died tonight.

After working at the hospital for several years and experiencing many patients dying. It still makes me sad when death happens.

It’s quiet at work tonight with a heaviness in the air from the loss.



  1. shambhavi31 · June 13, 2016

    I can understand that! I remember working in the ICU and inspite of resuscitation the patient didn’t survive. I was an intern back then. It was so sad. 😦

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    • socialgirl16 · June 16, 2016

      I applaud the medical staff. I worked in the emergency room for 5 years. Night after night, children came in and some wouldn’t make it. The medical staff kept caring for the patients and still had compassion for the other kids, despite watching kids die. It’s so hard what the medical staff does from the traumas, deaths and being yelled at by parents. Their job is not easy and still their hearts are filled with kindness.

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      • shambhavi31 · June 16, 2016

        I couldn’t agree more on this. It doesn’t affect the way we treat. It shouldn’t either, or else there will be more on the patient side of doctors were to feel sad and disturbed after a case gone bad. But, it takes a lot of strength.

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