My Dad: Happy Father’s Day


This is dedicated to my dad, who died of cancer when he was only 55 years old. The pic of him above shows who he was. He loved fishing and was a HUGE Hawkeye fan. Every bowl game the Hawkeyes went to, my dad was there cheering them on and when they lost he was depressed for days.

My dad was a Proud Grandpa. When my nephew was born grandpa spoiled him immensely. It made my father extremely sad that he would not be around to watch his grandson grow up to be an adult. By the time my nephew was born, the cancer had spread to my dad’s bones.


I didn’t have the best relationship with my father. We conflicted a lot. When I watch the movie Trouble With The Curve the conflict between Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams characters is the kind of relationship I had with my dad. I know my father loved his children. He just had a hard time expressing it.

One of the things my father and I did was play Uno. I don’t know if my dad let me win or he just wasn’t good at playing cards, but I won a lot…LOL. He had t-shirts made where one side said Champion and the other side said Loser. When my dad won he would go put his shirt on and parade around posing and declaring he was the CHAMPION. It was quite funny.


My dad was an adventure seeker. He was the one, who knew how to have fun and always the prankster. We would go to Wisconsin to visit one of my mom’s aunts. There were waterslides there. I remember my father’s excitement to go to the waterpark. I would ride the waterslide with my dad. He would lie on his stomach and I would ride down lying on top of his back. Along with the waterslides, it was my dad, who rode the roller coasters and all the fast, fun rides with us at any amusement park we went to.


During the summer, my dad insisted we go on a family vacation. We would travel in the RV and we went to New York and all along the East Coast, Florida, California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Missouri and, of course, Wisconsin. Fun times, those family vacations and we had a map on the RV that we would fill in the states that we traveled to or through.


It didn’t matter that my dad was raising daughters he still taught us how to play sports. I wasn’t really that good at any sport, but my sister was at softball and volleyball. One time during one of the holidays, we were in the backyard playing football. I don’t remember everyone that was playing, but I do recall my dad tossing me between his legs for a touchdown. This was my sports achievement being small and tricking the opposing team for a touchdown…LOL.


I feel lucky to have had a father. He wasn’t my biological dad, but to him I was his daughter. Because of him, I learned to be strong, kind, outspoken, brave, independent, adventurous, playful, and being part of a family.

My dad wasn’t one, who could say I Love You or show affection, but loved his kids very much. He would help his kids with anything and had a HUGE heart. My father wanted to give us the World and he sure tried to.

Love you and Miss you, Dad.


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