Blog: Monetizing a Blog


Monetizing a blog, this has been a continuous learning experience.

Unless, you know how to build a website, plugins, and all the things that go into creating a website, it won’t be easy setting up a blog to make money. I’m techy challenged, but I know some things and go to YouTube to figure out how to do things I don’t know. BUT, if you’re a person, who finds doing anything with creating a website, a HUGE mystery and do not want to tackle figuring out the mystery have some cash (a lot) to pay someone to design the website for you.

Today, I figured out how to order the pages on my blog and there’s a glitch with it, because it’s suppose to put them in order automatically after I’ve done the work in WordPress. And, it’s not putting the pages in the order I want. Maybe, it needs a day to think about the order…LOL.

I put in social media icons that takes readers directly to my social media pages. I put in an RSS feed from my Facebook page. And, I really don’t know the purpose of an RSS feed, but from what I’ve read from monetizing a blog it is a MUST to have on your blog. I’m not even sure I did the RSS feed right…LOL. I, still, need to figure out how to put something on my blog that allows readers to sign up to my RSS feed.

Note: If you want to monetize your blog, websites that offer affiliate programs have you fill out an application then you wait for them to approve it. I’m still waiting for PetSmart, PetCo and Google Adsense to approve me.

This was my adventures, today, with creating my blog/website.


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