I saw my acupuncturist today and after talking to him about my aches and pains it was decided I have to get back to doing Pilates or Yoga. The pain in my ankles is intermittent now, but the fact that I still have problems is due to muscles needing stretched.

When I was doing Pilates my whole body felt so good. I did it four days a week. I don’t have that kind of time now, so wish I did. The Pilates tape I have is a 45 minute workout and after exercising my pups for two hours I don’t have the time to do any more exercising.

So, I am going to do Pilates on Mondays and I have to stretch my whole body every day for at least ten minutes. Hopefully, this will resolve the pain I feel in my ankles, feet and legs.




Another alternative medicine treatment I feel should be part of primary care with health insurance. Acupuncture is wonderful and makes me feel like I’m 20. It fixes the pain I have in my legs from injuries and it’s like I never injured myself.

The needles don’t hurt most of the time. It depends where they are put on your body. I will say that there are some areas on the bottom of the foot that it hurts like Hell when the needle is put in. But the benefits that come from acupuncture are worth the second of pain when the needle is put in.

I hope I get in to see an acupuncturist tomorrow, because my foot and legs have been screaming pain.

Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic care should be included as a primary care coverage on health insurance along with acupuncture. It makes me feel so wonderful and I really think it aids in overall better health.

I fell on my booty on Friday night. A loose dog came running up to my dogs and mine went nuts. Next thing, I knew I was landing tush first on blacktop.

Yeah, I knew I was going to be in some pain and my chiropractor is not open on the weekends, however, I found out today he does do emergency adjustments after hours.

Anyway, Saturday, I was in pain. Alcohol helped numb it..lol. I went to a paint and sip so alcohol was a must and I’d already paid for the class, plus it was a tribute to Prince so I wasn’t missing the class.

Today, I saw my chiropractor and I feel like 20 again instead of like 90…lol.