Books From My Youth

While working on my query letter, I looked up the best Young Adult books of all time and I was surprised to see some books that I read as a kid. And, I was shocked to find out that they were still popular today.

Judy Blume’s, Forever, is still considered controversial, because of the sex in the book. When I read it I felt like I was getting away with reading a dirty book…LOL. My parents didn’t check what I was reading, because they were happy I was a bookworm that stayed out of trouble.

The Outsiders, who fell in love with SodaPop? While reading The Outsiders, I fell in love with Soda and wished he really existed so I could be his girlfriend. Rob Lowe was the perfect guy to play the role of Soda, because he was beautiful and all the girls wanted him.

I thought Go Ask Alice was a true story about a teenage girl, who was a prostitute. I guess I missed the part that she was a drug addict. It was so long ago that I read this book that I don’t remember much about it, but do recall being amazed by the girl’s experiences.

The Catcher in the Rye I felt was dark, but I could related to Holden’s darkness. If you haven’t read this book, I won’t give away the ending, but I didn’t expect it.

Lord of the Flies, it wasn’t one of my favorite books. I thought it was barbaric. The books I liked to read as a kid were more on the romance side and no one was getting killed.

A blog down memory lane, it makes me want to reread some books and investigate some of the other best Young Adult books.


The Darkest Seduction


The new book I’m reading, The Darkest Seduction, by Gena Showalter. It’s part of the Lords of the Underworld series, which is about immortal warriors, who opened Pandora’s box and are cursed with the evil that was in the box.

I was never a big romance book reader, but I stumbled upon Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld, and now I’m addicted to this genre.

There are twelve Lords and Showalter dedicates a book to each Lord. The Darkest Seduction is about Paris, who is cursed with Promiscuity that was in Pandora’s box.

Paris is one of my favorite Lords and I couldn’t wait to read his story. I just started the book, so we’ll see what happens between him and Sienna, who died in a previous book.

The Lords find their true love, which tames the evil inside them that they are cursed with and they live happily ever after.

Edit Done: Well, Almost


After the marathon editing the past couple of days, I’ve finished editing the whole book for the last time.


There’s some tweeks I still need to take care of and I need to reread a section of a chapter I came across that might not flow. I read the chapters so fast that I don’t know if my brain was just tried or it wasn’t flowing right.

However, the editing is pretty much done and it’s on to looking for a Literary Agent.

I’m getting my armor shined and ready for this next phase. All the writers out there know what I’m talking about, yes, the rejection letters.

While I’m trying to get a literary agent to fall in love with my book, I’ll be working on Book Two.

Yes, this book is a series. Four books total.

Editing: Focused


I have three chapters left to edit. Since 5:30 today, I’ve been editing and read 11 chapters. My brain is kinda hurting…lol.

When I found out I had six days off I thought of all the fun things I could do and I wasn’t going to spend the time editing. What have I done during my time off?

Edit My Book!


Focused. Obsessed. I don’t know which one it is, but I didn’t expect to finish the editing during my time off.

Today, something got into me and I became determined to finish the edit.

Book: From Fear to Eternity-Immortality Bites Series


I’m reading this Michelle Rowen book, From Fear to Eternity: Immortality Bites Series, I love her books and read all the ones in this series.

It’s about vampires, but it’s not Twilight or Anne Rice kinda stories. Rowen’s series is a comical, romance type read.

The main character is Sarah Dearly, who was turned into a fledgling vampire by a blind date, who is then killed by vampire hunters.

She has no one to help her adjust to her new vampire life then she runs into Thierry, a really, old vampire, who is standing on a bridge about to kill himself.

The books are about Sarah and Thierry’s blooming romance and all of Sarah’s mishaps, because trouble always finds her.

From Fear to Eternity, Sarah finds herself stuck in the  memoir novel that Thierry’s ex-wife wrote, Veronique, who is stuck with her. The book came to life due to a magical object. This is the part I’m at in the book.

It’s hilarious like all the books in the series and I can’t laugh out loud while reading it at work, but it has entertained me these past 3 days.

Romance and Fairy Tales


I finished the first edit of my book this afternoon then I exercised the dogs. The book flows well and I’m very happy with this version of it. My initial writing of the book I wasn’t happy with it and knew something was missing. It took a few years, but it came to me one day what was wrong with the book and I’ve been working on it like mad since that aha moment. One more edit then I’ll start searching for literary agents.

My book is a young adult, romance book and when I was exercising I thought about what I wrote. I recalled all the romance books I read and the relationship books. In every romance story, there is always a happy ending where the girl gets the guy of her dreams. The guy adores her and showers her with affection. And if there is a conflict between them, the guy makes some exaggerated gesture to show his love for his woman.

Reality…guys and relationships aren’t like the romance books. Everything that men want from a woman for a relationship to bloom, I’m surprised marriage even happens. Guys want girls to be mysterious, be virtuous, be positive, be happy, be spontaneous, be creative, and the list goes on. And women are the complicated ones…LOL.

Unlike the romance books and chick flicks, most guys don’t make grand gestures to show their love or chase a woman to get her back. Real life relationships are not like Pretty Woman, Cinderella, Dirty Dancing, An Officer and a Gentleman, or a Nora Roberts story.

Real life is filled with guys and girls having issues from their past, baggage from previous relationships, ego issues and the female and male expectations when it comes to finding the perfect partner. And, I haven’t included the cheaters, liars, and all of life challenges that make the fairy tale not so dreamy.

Yet, the romance genre is a billion dollar a year industry. With 84% of the readers being female, these women range in age between 30-54.

Women want romance in a relationship. We want the fairy tale. We want to meet our Prince, have a happily ever after, and a man who will cherish us and love us regardless of our flaws. When things don’t workout with that Prince, women want the grand gesture declaring his love and how they can’t live without her like we’ve seen in the movies and read in the romance books.

So, I think about my book and how unrealistic the romance is in it. I wonder are the romantic literature and chick flicks filling girls heads with silly expectations or are they good, because they give us an escape from reality.

Book: Editing, Editing, Editing


My book is wrote, but now I’ve been editing. I need to look this up to make sure that it’s still the first three chapters and the last chapter that literary agents want when sending queries. Because I’ve been editing the HELL out of those chapters.

You know that feeling when something doesn’t sound right or flow right when your editing your work? This kept happening with me in the first chapter, but before I did the rewrite I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. First edit after the rewrite, I found the problem right away and took a whole page out of the first chapter. I’ve ended up redistributing paragraphs from what I cut in the first chapter and placed them elsewhere in the book where they fit better.

One thing I would like to ask James Patterson, John Grisham or Patricia Cornwell, how many times did you edit your first book?

Book – ReWrite: DONE


My brain is fried. I’m tired as Hell. And I’ve been sitting at my computer since 6 p.m.

BUT, the rewrite of my book is DONE!

When I started the rewrite, it seemed like it was going to take forever to get it done. I’m so happy to have it finished. This means I’m closer to looking for a literary agent.

Edit of the book, next.

If it wasn’t so late, I’d go have a drink or two or three to celebrate…LOL.


Book – Almost There


3 more chapters left in my quest to rewrite my book. Wooohooo!!!

When I started this rewrite, I thought it was going to take forever and there were days I thought WTH am I doing. I would ask myself, Why am I doing this rewrite, isn’t it fine the way it is? That was the voice called Lazy. I wanted to just go the easy route and not do the rewrite.

But gut instinct pushed me, this new version is better. Much Better than the original.

Writing: Staying Motivated


Many days, I think to myself, “Am I wasting my time writing?” I mean I’m writing this book and not getting paid. I tried freelance writing and the money was very little. Even though my dream and passion is to be a writer, is it just a dream?

One night, I didn’t want to work on my book. I was tired and just wanted to goof-off. I posted on Facebook about wanting to just goof-off. A friend of mine responded encouraging me to write. That response made me smile and motivated me to turn on my laptop and work on my book.

Today, I found out that same friend is writing a book. I didn’t know she wanted to be a writer. Suggested to her, we can encourage each other to keep writing. I told her that I’ve been telling myself lately to keep me motivated, Your book can’t write itself. I hope this helped motivate her to keep writing and overcome her fears.