Graphic Design


After I taught myself how to use Adobe Photoshop four years ago, I’ve wanted to take Graphic Design classes, but I didn’t want to incur student loan debt. The hospital I work at has a tuition reimbursement program and I asked HR about it. From their response, it didn’t seem as though I would qualify for the program, because I wasn’t working in a department where graphic designers worked.

A few weeks ago, I told my manager I wanted to take graphic design classes and if I could get the tuition reimbursement. She said she would approve it. YAAAAY.

Starting this January, I’ll be busy with getting an Associates in Graphic Design. I hope to finish the program in two years.




I’ve been totally immersed in learning copywriting for the past week. This is my nature. I get interested in something or have a goal and my focus is on that 24/7. Everything else in my life gets ignored…LOL.

Discovering copywriting, this is not new to me. I’ve, always, known it existed, but I was never interested in learning it. I signed up for a year subscription with the Writer’s Market. The next day, an email about learning copywriting appeared in my inbox. I happen to read it instead of immediately deleting it.

After learning how copywriting is created, I was hooked. It was something I’d been doing versions of during my pursuit to be a writer. I thought, “Hell, I can do this and do it really well where I will succeed and accomplish my dream to write.”

So, fellow bloggers that is what I have been doing and why I haven’t been blogging.