Fear may be the most powerful emotion we feel. I say this, because I was thinking how we fear death, failure, pain, the unknown, the future, and the list can be endless.

I have feared all the things I have just listed. There will be moments where I’m reminded of how fear keeps me from living and really what I fear isn’t something to be afraid of.

After watching my mother struggle with cancer and die, I know what we believe matters in life really doesn’t.  When facing death it’s then that we understand what’s really important.

It’s this understanding of what’s important that we need to grasp before death is knocking at our door.

Since my mother’s death, I have no fear of dying. But the living part, I’m still working on.

This is what I know now:

  1. Love with no limits and no strings.
  2. Pain doesn’t last forever.
  3. Failure helps us learn.
  4. Take the time to appreciate all the positives in our life.
  5. Live in the present and worry less about the future and the past has happened so let it go.
  6. Forgive, it benefits the forgiver.
  7. Learn from the pain and mistakes, but don’t let it define me.
  8. Do what makes me happy.
  9. Those Fantastic moments and Great opportunities in life, enjoy them to the fullest.
  10. Each day really can be a new beginning.


Random Question: Number Thirteen


Ya ever wonder, why some people win the lottery jackpot and some people don’t?

My grandma played the Powerball every drawing. She passed away a long time ago, but I remember her, always, getting lottery tickets. My grandparents were poor and struggled with money. The rest of the family helped my grandparents and we would get my grandma lottery tickets, because we knew how much she wanted to win.

She never won.

Grandma was the sweetest lady and always baking. She was deserving of a lottery jackpot win and I’m sure she would have baked even more with all that money.

I was wondering today why some people win the lottery and why didn’t my grandma win. Some people, who won tons of money, wasted it or let it ruin their life. When the Powerball jackpot was in the billions and one winner overdosed on cocaine from partying after winning the money.

There was this show about lottery winners and I thought what a waste when one winner showed all the “stuff” he bought with the money. He ended up filing bankruptcy and spending all the money.

Winning millions of dollars, there’s plenty to keep a person comfortable for the rest of their life. Does one really need $50,000 statues?

If I won, yes, I would go on a shopping spree. And, I’ll admit it I would buy a fast car, like a Bugatti, because I’m daring and like speed…LOL. But, I would invest a certain amount of money to make sure I could live comfortably the rest of my life. However, millions of dollars doesn’t need to be wasted on frivilous stuff when there’s so many things that the money could be used for to help the less fortunate.

I would create a santuary or some kind of non-profit that saved dogs. Pups are closest to my heart, so I would take advantage of having all that money and help dogs, who need assistance and a home.

Every lottery winner should spend some of their winnings helping the less fortunate. I mean wouldn’t that be paying it forward for their good fortune?



Despite knowing death is going to happen, one is never fully prepared. A patient died tonight.

After working at the hospital for several years and experiencing many patients dying. It still makes me sad when death happens.

It’s quiet at work tonight with a heaviness in the air from the loss.

Orlando Shooting


My heart goes out to those that were victimized, lost a loved one or injured in Orlando. I’m glad my friends in Orlando were not hurt by this horrible shooter. I don’t understand the hate and ignorance that drives some people to harm or kill. The HATE and IGNORANCE and TERRORISTS ATTACKS has to STOP!


Being Human


LOVE is a 2015 Burning Man sculpture by artist Alexandr Milov from Odessa, Ukraine. It demonstrates a conflict between a man and a woman as well as the outer and inner expression of human nature. The figures of the protagonists are made in the form of big metal cages, where their inner selves are held captive. Their inner selves are made in the form of transparent children, who are holding out their hands through the grating. As it’s getting dark (night falls) the children start to shine. This shining is a symbol of purity and sincerity that brings people together and gives a chance of making up when the dark time arrives.

I can’t remember if I saw the picture of this sculpture on Facebook or Twitter, but when I saw it I thought, YES, this is what Being Human is all about.

After we become adults, we control our tongue, our emotions, our feelings and some of us close our heart. But ALL of us have that inner child in us that wants love, wants companionship, wants attention, and wants to feel safe.

Since we are adults, we don’t want to make ourselves vulnerable and only want to show strength. I think men are even more stoic and reluctant to show weakness than women, because society expects men to be braver and stronger than women. And for men, if they show emotions other than anger they are viewed as weak and not a man.

Regardless of being male or female, we have that inner child within us until we die.

After seeing this sculpture, I recall it with every encounter I have at work and everywhere. A simple smile, thank you, caring and being helpful feeds the inner child. I see the difference it makes for that person I’ve encountered.

The positive encounters I have with people I hope have a ripple effect.

Prince: Celebrity Death


It took a few days before I cried over Prince being gone. I spent the first few days in disbelief about the news of his passing, despite, watching all the videos posted about Prince.

Then today, I was watching Elton John’s Tribute to Prince and I couldn’t stop the tears. Why the Elton John Tribute? I don’t know. Maybe, it was just enough time for the reality of Prince’s death, finally, sinking in.

The passing of Prince is the first celebrity loss for me. I’ve listened to his music since I was a teenager and when I found out he was in concert while living in Texas I was so excited to see him.

I lost all of Prince’s music that I had when my Mp3 player broke. The only place I have it now is on my Amazon music account. I’ve been listening to his songs 24/7. He was so unique and daring along with his talent. This is why Prince was so appealing to me, because he was a rebel and did what he wanted.

Despite being a rebel, Prince was very giving, which no one knew about until his death. Prince’s long-time friend Van Jone’s interview with CNN.

Prince was not just a music sensation, but a Star with a Huge Heart helping friends, family and making a difference in people’s lives.

Me: Self Improvement

self-improvement wordle

The Seeds of Life blog, A Letter to Anyone Who Seeks a Fulfilling Relationship, talks about what worked for them in finding a fulfilling relationship. There are two points I’m working on now, Integrating Self-Improvement Activities into my daily routine and Being the best me I could possibly be/Being the person I’d like to be with.

I’ve been writing daily blogs titled Positive Thinking: What was Great About Today. This helps me focus on just the good things that have happened throughout the day and to reflect on the positive parts of the day. When I’ve had moments in the day that try my patience or steer me towards a bad mood I think about the positive things that have happened during that day.

Thinking about what would make being the best me are:

  1. Being Compassionate
  2. Forgiving, even the people I don’t want to forgive
  3. Listen
  4. Understand
  5. Open-minded
  6. Love
  7. Being Kind
  8. Grateful for what I have, what others have done for me and the positives that have happened each day
  9. Friendship
  10. Respect others and myself, not allowing disrespect

This is what I’ve thought of so far. I’m sure the list will grow as I work on me.

I’m not looking for Mr. Right. He’ll come along when the time is right.

Compassion: Make a Difference in a Child’s Life


I just watched a video about dogs being used for bait in dog fighting, where the American Strays Project rescued two Pit bulls in this video. The Pit bulls were starved, malnourished, injured, scared, mouths taped shut and abandoned to die. The rescuers in the video said it was just kids that were doing this to the dogs.


When I heard this I asked myself, Where the HELL did they learn to be so heartless and cruel?

If we don’t care to teach our kids to have compassion, be a responsible and present parent, and be a positive example to ALL children, we end up with this:



And this


Paris Terrorist Attacks

And this


Brussels Terrorist Bombings

And this


Pit bull used as bait for dog fighting

And this


Domestic Violence

And this


And this



And this


Teen Dating Violence

And this


Timothy McVeigh: Oklahoma City Bomber

And this


James Holmes: Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooter

Kids learn to Hate from Adults. They’re not born knowing how to Hate.

Adults can teach compassion to children.

Adults ask yourself, What have I done today that was hateful, racists, violent, disrespectful and what did my behavior teach my child? Then ask yourself, Would I want someone to treat my child the way I just behaved?

What kind of world do we want to live in? What kind of world do we want our kids to live in? Ask yourself that everyday.

Change can happen. Be part of the Change. Be Compassionate. Teach Compassion.