Positive Thinking: What Has Been Great


Despite how my day started with the PIG, who thought it was ok to say sexual things to me, I thought a Positive Thinking post was in order.


  1. My pups always make my days brighter and give me peace of mind knowing they will rip someone’s leg off if they try to hurt me.


2. The Soda Bottles that are half the size than the regular ones. Whoever invented these soda bottles is a genius and perfect for me, because I can never finish a full size one.


3. Friends, because they make life better and fun, and one of my friends this week was so sweet.


4. I discovered the buttermilk chicken sandwich at McDonalds the other day and it’s Yum, Yum, Yummy.


5. I watched Independence Day and it’s still a Great movie. It has been a long time since I’ve seen it.


6. Snapchat face changer, it allows me to share my silly side and start my day with a laugh.


7. I interrupted my procrastination and worked on my query letter and synopsis so I can solicite literary agents.


8. Nutribiotic all natural nose spray, I’ve gone through the worst part of allergy season without getting sick so far.

9. I found out these movies, I’ve been wanting to see, will be available at Redbox soon. I live a very uneventful life and don’t do much…LOL.


10. Ice Cream, my summer treat that I eat a lot of only when it’s hot out. Some of my favorite places to get ice cream McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Liks and Sonic.

What positive things have been happening for my fellow bloggers?


Confession : Number Ten


During the summer time, I have an addiction to ice cream. I eat it pretty much EVERY day. It’s only during the summer that I eat ice cream, because as soon as the weather changes to cold I lose interest in it.

Yesterday, I decided to get a McDonald’s ice cream cone. The first McDonalds I went to their ice cream machine was not working. I was devastated, of course…LOL. Because I was set on eating a McDonald’s ice cream cone.

I didn’t give up and went to another McDonalds not far away…LOL.

Their machine was not broke! And, the day was a success and I got my ice cream fix for the day! LOL

Vegas Adventures


Arrived in Vegas Tuesday night starving and sleep deprived, Katie got two hours and I slept five hours. However, we were at sea level and living in altitude for so long or maybe it was excitement why Katie and I were not tired. First thing we did, we went to Nobu for some sushi.

When we arrived there and sat down at the bar, this guy offered to buy us a drink. I ordered a Pina Martini and Katie got a Bloody Mary. The guy said he wasn’t trying to pick us up…LOL. He must have mistaken us for young and stupid. After saying, he wasn’t trying to pick us up the guy either didn’t have game or my F*#k off vibe kept him from working us.

He stopped trying to have a conversation with us. When the drinks came and he didn’t pay for them right away I knew the guy was a schmuck and we were going to be left paying for them, which is exactly what happen. But, it didn’t matter to us, because we didn’t go to Vegas to get picked up by some Sugar Daddies or hit on at all.

It was a Girls’ Holiday and Katie and I were there to have fun minus boys.


After we had our sushi snack, Katie showed me around Caesar’s Palace. As you can see from the pictures, we were transported to Rome. We ate gelato while taking in the sites of the Roman Palace and couture shops.





After checking out Caesar’s Palace, Katie showed me the Bellagio and as you can see they have a fish theme. I loved it, because I want an aquarium filled with colorful fish.


While we were walking around, a guy approached us and asked us if we wanted to party. In Vegas, do we want to party? Katie and I looked at each other and at the same time answered the guy, YES! He gave us six FREE drink vouchers and got us into Club Hyde for Free. He worked there and they were looking for more ladies to fill up their club, lucky us!

Katie and I had so much fun dancing and drinking our free drinks. The champagne didn’t taste great, but we didn’t care since it was FREE. Confetti would spray down every once and awhile, but I didn’t get a shot of it.

We enjoyed ourselves until the club closed. It was 4 a.m. by the time we dragged our tired butts to bed.


The Bellagio water display was on the top of the list for the next day. I wanted to see this every since I saw it in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. We were going to go back and watch it when it was dark, but ran out of time. I got to see the water dance around and that’s all that mattered.

We thought we had lots of time before 9 p.m., but time seem to fly on this day. It was a mad dash to buy some Victoria Secret panties then back to the hotel to change. Yes, we went all the way to Vegas to buy VS boy shorts..LOL. The sale on the panties was only for that night, so we had to take advantage of the 8/$27.50 panties.


Lyft was our mode of transportation everywhere we went in Vegas. The Uber driver that took me to the airport in Denver told me to take Lyft while in Vegas, because during the week it was half off the price.

Our Lyft driver showed us the volcano at the Mirage as we we were going to Paris to have a snack at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. We ran out of time and didn’t have time for a whole meal.



At Ramsay’s, we had fingerling potatoes and sticky, toffee pudding. Both were very yummy. Katie had a Bloody Mary, her favorite drink if you haven’t figured that out already. And mine is martinis, the guy I was dating introduced them to me and they’ve become a preferred drink. I had a strawberry martini and everywhere we went everyone made a fab martini.

The light art in the pic Katie said it’s of Ramsay cooking.

This night ended with the Thunder from Down Under. Blog to come soon.

Cookies – Life Lesson: Number Twenty


Washing a cookie off, this was probably not the best solution to getting the ranch dressing off my cookie…LOL.

It did get the ranch dressing off my cookie and it still tastes good. However, the cookie is very soggy.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I put the cookie under water to get the ranch dressing off it.

Joy of Baking

download (1)

My grandma was always baking something from pies to breads to any yummy treat. I would eat her bread with nothing on it and was always happy when she was baking us goodies.

She never ate her delicious creations, because my grandma was diabetic. But her house was always filled with the aroma of something baking in the oven.

I wasn’t big on baking, but recently have been doing it a lot. Why? Cause I make the treats for other people. I like to see them smile and get excited that I bought treats for them.

This is why I think my grandma baked all those delectable desserts, because she liked seeing our joyous reaction.

Food – Random Question: Number Nine


Why is it when fasting the minute I can’t eat I want every morsel of food in my house?

I had to fast last night, because this morning I had a biometric screening for work. When it was 11 p.m. last night I had to stop eating, so I ate dinner at 10 p.m. I was full and not hungry, but after eleven I wanted cookies, chips, ice cream, blueberries, etc…lol.

The fact I couldn’t have food made me keep thinking about what I wanted to eat. It was to the point I was obsessing about it so I just went to bed. I didn’t go to sleep, but my mind was being tricked into thinking it’s bed time.


Donuts: Random Question – Number Five

download (2).jpg

When someone brings donuts or cookies or candy, people are instantly happy. What is it about sugary treats that makes us excited and smile?

Is it the little party we have in our mouth when we eat the sugary snack?

Is it the fact someone took the time to make or get the treat?

Or is it because for a few minutes eating the tasty sweets makes us happy and relieves stress?

A co-worker told me she brought donuts and I did a happy dance before rushing to get one…lol.