Diet – Life Lesson: Number Nineteen


Red dog on a diet + bathroom garbage left out = Mess

I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of the mess. I know to not leave the garbage out, but I forgot and came home from work to a kleenex disaster in the bathroom.

Luckily, it was only tissues and dental floss in the garbage…lol.


Weight Challenge -Not the Biggest Loser


The pups and I went to PetSmart this morning to get their Light dog food. We did a weigh in while we were there.

Zeus lost ONE pound. After all the exercising and dieting, I thought he lost at least five pounds. He lost ONLY ONE damn pound.

Now, I understand the frustration of trying to lose weight.

Apollo lost only two pounds.

Zeus has curves now after dieting as you can see in the pic on the left. The pic in the middle was taken before the diet. Apollo on the right after I cut back on their food.


The last couple walks Zeus has been resisting exercising. Yes, I’m pulling him as we go on our walk and, as soon as, I turn around to come home Zeus picks up the pass and trots right beside me.

I’m Jillian, The Weight Loss Dog Whisperer, Michaels.

Dogs: Biggest Loser Challenging Me


My dogs are Fat. Yes, this is what the Vet said and they have to both lose 10 pounds. This is the consequences of being an Over feeder.

I’ve been feeding them less and feeling guilty the whole time that I’m starving them. Because I’m having guilt issues, I’ve been trying to think of snacks for them that are healthy and zero calories, like carrots, blueberries, bananas. Apollo, actually, likes broccoli.

We went on two walks today. I came home from work and they were excited to go on a walk. After sleeping three hours, we went on another walk.


Zeus, my 97 pound dog (however, I think he’s lost a couple pounds), resisted the whole time during the second walk. SO, I ended up pulling him the entire walk, until, we turned around to come home and he was a happy camper. He trotted right next to me and I didnt have to pull his heavy, furry body…LOL.



I’m going to start drinking smoothies as a snack between meals, because the breakfast bars have waaaaaay toooooo much FAT in them. The weight I’ve gained goes right to my stomach and I’m not losing it.

So, I thought smoothies have to be better than the breakfast bars. I looked up some Smoothie recipes last night and they’re easy to make. At the grocery store this morning, I bought some bananas and I have frozen fruit in the freezer. I bought ice cube trays and an ice bucket.

Anyone out there with smoothie recipes, please do share. Thank you.