Loss: Apollo Losing Him


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a blog. On October 21st, I had to say good-bye to my red dog, Apollo. A part of my heart was taken when I lost him.

Last week, I tried to write a blog about losing Apollo, but I couldn’t write it without being overcome with grief. Even now, it’s still to hard for me to discuss his death.

But, I wanted to explain why it has been so long that I haven’t written a blog.


Positive Thinking: What Has Been Great


Despite how my day started with the PIG, who thought it was ok to say sexual things to me, I thought a Positive Thinking post was in order.


  1. My pups always make my days brighter and give me peace of mind knowing they will rip someone’s leg off if they try to hurt me.


2. The Soda Bottles that are half the size than the regular ones. Whoever invented these soda bottles is a genius and perfect for me, because I can never finish a full size one.


3. Friends, because they make life better and fun, and one of my friends this week was so sweet.


4. I discovered the buttermilk chicken sandwich at McDonalds the other day and it’s Yum, Yum, Yummy.


5. I watched Independence Day and it’s still a Great movie. It has been a long time since I’ve seen it.


6. Snapchat face changer, it allows me to share my silly side and start my day with a laugh.


7. I interrupted my procrastination and worked on my query letter and synopsis so I can solicite literary agents.


8. Nutribiotic all natural nose spray, I’ve gone through the worst part of allergy season without getting sick so far.

9. I found out these movies, I’ve been wanting to see, will be available at Redbox soon. I live a very uneventful life and don’t do much…LOL.


10. Ice Cream, my summer treat that I eat a lot of only when it’s hot out. Some of my favorite places to get ice cream McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Liks and Sonic.

What positive things have been happening for my fellow bloggers?

Share Your World 2016 #29

My favorite pictures to answer Paardje Question to Share Your World 2016 #29.


This is my little Rottweiler, Daisy, who I lost to cancer 3 years ago. She was only 7 years old. In this picture, Daisy is five years old, I think.  I rescued her after she was abandoned at a PetSmart grooming center. She was only 3 months old. Daisy was so spunky and forever a puppy. She loved to play, chase her brothers around the yard and fetch anything I threw. I miss her every day and wish she was still with us.


A collage of my fur babies Apollo is the red Rottweiler, Zeus is the multi-colored Rottweiler and Daisy the full breed Rottie. The pics with Daisy were when we found out she had cancer, except for the dog park pic, which I created through Photoshop and put my pups in the pic. All of my dogs are rescues. Zeus and Apollo were adopted from a Texas animal shelter. And, all three grew up together.

Random Question: Number Thirteen


Ya ever wonder, why some people win the lottery jackpot and some people don’t?

My grandma played the Powerball every drawing. She passed away a long time ago, but I remember her, always, getting lottery tickets. My grandparents were poor and struggled with money. The rest of the family helped my grandparents and we would get my grandma lottery tickets, because we knew how much she wanted to win.

She never won.

Grandma was the sweetest lady and always baking. She was deserving of a lottery jackpot win and I’m sure she would have baked even more with all that money.

I was wondering today why some people win the lottery and why didn’t my grandma win. Some people, who won tons of money, wasted it or let it ruin their life. When the Powerball jackpot was in the billions and one winner overdosed on cocaine from partying after winning the money.

There was this show about lottery winners and I thought what a waste when one winner showed all the “stuff” he bought with the money. He ended up filing bankruptcy and spending all the money.

Winning millions of dollars, there’s plenty to keep a person comfortable for the rest of their life. Does one really need $50,000 statues?

If I won, yes, I would go on a shopping spree. And, I’ll admit it I would buy a fast car, like a Bugatti, because I’m daring and like speed…LOL. But, I would invest a certain amount of money to make sure I could live comfortably the rest of my life. However, millions of dollars doesn’t need to be wasted on frivilous stuff when there’s so many things that the money could be used for to help the less fortunate.

I would create a santuary or some kind of non-profit that saved dogs. Pups are closest to my heart, so I would take advantage of having all that money and help dogs, who need assistance and a home.

Every lottery winner should spend some of their winnings helping the less fortunate. I mean wouldn’t that be paying it forward for their good fortune?

Blogs: Web Hosting


I’ve been writing blogs for not quite ten years. I think it was 2008 when I entered the world of blogging. My ex kept telling me to monetize the blogs, but he didn’t tell me how to do it. I don’t think he really knew how or just didn’t want to set it up for me.

Well, the set up is a bit time consuming, especially, if you’re techy challenged like me. I don’t know if there is a hosting program out there that does all the set up for a novice like me, but it would really be nice if it existed.

I plan to set this blog up to monetize it and two more blogs, but after setting up Dog Cyber Park and the glitches I’ve run into I’m glad I started with a non-existing blog first. The help desk at eHost will be getting many calls from me…LOL.

Why did I go with eHost for my blog hosting? They were given a high rank as one of the best hosting sites and they were the cheapest. Bluehost and GoDaddy were over a hundred dollars for their web hosting.

I hope this monetizing works out, because hosting is not cheap.

Dog Cyber Park


I have a new WordPress Blog, Dog Cyber Park, that I put on a web hosting site in attempt to monetize it. I’m technically challenged so it took me all day to figure out how to set it up and there’s still more to do. The only thing I really know how to do is write blogs…LOL. So, I was able to post 5 blogs.

Hope y’all like the new Dog site, which my pups, Apollo, Zeus and Daisy will show make may appearances on.

Cancer: My Zeus


Thursday, I took my pup, Zeus, to the Vet to have his toenail looked at, because it was bent. I was afraid he would get it caught on something and it would get ripped out of his paw. The vet wanted to take an x-ray of his toe to see if there was an infection.

After the radiologist looked at the x-ray, I get the news that Zeus has bone cancer in his toe. They want to amputate the toe so they can test the bone to see what kind of cancer it is or if it’s a benign tumor. From my understanding benign means it’s not cancerous, but the radiologist was like it’s cancer. The vet is saying the tumor could be benign.


I lost my Daisy to bone cancer three years ago come this July. I’m still not over losing her. All my pups are rescues. Daisy was abandoned at a Pet Smart grooming center in Texas and I saw her when the staff was walking her around the store. As soon as, I saw her I knew I wanted her and that I would name her Daisy.

Zeus, I rescued from an animal shelter. He was from a litter of 8 puppies. As soon as I saw the furball, I wanted him and he was my first puppy. I raised him since he was two months old, so losing him is going to be very hard.

Rottweilers are prone to getting cancer. Zeus is part Rottweiler, Black Lab and cattle dog. He’s a very laid back dog, stubburn, low-energy and stoic. He’s not the type of dog to snuggle with you or follow his master around. I, always, know he’s somewhere holding the floor down.

The news that Zeus could have cancer has depressed me. I haven’t wanted to do anything since Thursday. I don’t have kids so my dogs are my fur babies. I’m hoping that he doesn’t have cancer. If it’s is the Big C, I hope it hasn’t spread and by taking off his toe that it’ll give him a couple more years.

Non-Profit: Idea, Creating, and Coming Soon


As I was perusing Facebook, THE IDEA for the kind of non-profit to create hit me. I thought about its purpose,  its goals and figured out how to make it possible.

The GREAT thing about it is I can start it myself. I won’t need a staff, so the cost is minimal.

Best part about it, I’m fulfilling a dream, which is saving as many dogs as I can!

Yes, I still want to be a published writer and I’m still pursuing that. But, I’ve learned that in life a person should always have a plan A, plan B and a plan C.

The non-profit will be a fun, exciting and challenging job that I’ll enjoy doing as I wait to become Twilight Big writer success…lol. I don’t need to be that successful as a writer. But, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

If you recall my previous blog titled, Mom-Dreams, my mom was in this dream where I was discussing how I wanted to create a non-profit. Yeah, I know freaky, but I’ve come to learn that the dreams with my mother and/or my father in them they are telling me about the future.

Bridget and Louie


A happy ending to another case of abuse and neglect. Bridget and Louie were lucky they were surrendered to a Texas Animal Shelter, because it led them to love and a better life.

Louie, the black dog, clung to Bridget in the animal shelter. They were fostered by a loving couple while waiting for a furever home. The foster couple helped Bridget and Louie get healthy, trust and show them the good dog life.

Bridget and Louie are now with their furever family in San Diego. To learn about their journey from abuse to love, visit their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/The-Adventures-of-Bridget-and-Louie-166457707049638/timeline


Before and After Pics

The difference Love and proper care makes in a dog’s life.

Girl Power: Rottweilers


Rottweilers are gentle Giants. They possess qualities that I think women/girls should have.

This breed is naturally Alpha dogs and if you’re not a Leader to a Rottweiler, they will step up to the plate and be Alpha with you and other dogs.

You have to gain the Rottweiler’s respect for them to follow you and see you as Alpha.

Fiercely protective of property and loved ones.

Proud breed that doesn’t lack self-confidence.

Extremely loving, if a Rottweiler is aggressive and vicious, it’s because a human raised them that way.

Loyal, this breed will be your best friend forever.

Stubborn, they are very determined dogs and super smart.

Independent, they will be part of the pack, but are not needy.

If I had a daughter, I would show her how to be Alpha to a Rottweiler, because it really helps a person to have confidence, to be calm, assertive and be a leader. Rottweilers are a challenging breed to prove your Alpha. You have to have a strong personality with them and not be afraid to be assertive.

NOT Aggressive, be Assertive.

All dogs read energy. Aggressive energy tells them a dog or person is unstable, so they will not follow unstable energy.

By practicing calm and assertive energy, this helps a person to stay level headed even in challenging situations. Rotties are challenging so they will make you practice being calm and assertive a lot.

Since a person has to gain a Rottweiler’s respect, this teaches females that they should, also, have that quality. Yes, men want unconditional respect, but females remember you deserve respect, too. If a man wants to be respected as a man, think like a Rottweiler and only give respect if the man has shown he is worthy of your time, love and being your king by respecting you.

Rotties are strong and proud creatures, but are a puddle of love and not afraid to show that love. Ladies, we can be strong females and be very loving. If a man is intimidated by your strength, he’s not the man for you. If a man takes advantage of your love, then be like a Rottie and show him the Independent side of you by walking away.

So Ladies, my point in this blog is be Strong, Independent, a Leader and to possess these qualities doesn’t mean you have to be a Bitch. It means you are smart, confident, know what you want and not afraid to share your heart with the right person.