I saw my acupuncturist today and after talking to him about my aches and pains it was decided I have to get back to doing Pilates or Yoga. The pain in my ankles is intermittent now, but the fact that I still have problems is due to muscles needing stretched.

When I was doing Pilates my whole body felt so good. I did it four days a week. I don’t have that kind of time now, so wish I did. The Pilates tape I have is a 45 minute workout and after exercising my pups for two hours I don’t have the time to do any more exercising.

So, I am going to do Pilates on Mondays and I have to stretch my whole body every day for at least ten minutes. Hopefully, this will resolve the pain I feel in my ankles, feet and legs.


Positive Thinking: What was Great About Today


For April 22, 2016

  1. Eating a Guacamole, bacon burger, fries and Chocolate Malt at Red Robin.
  2. Having a pleasant dinner with my ex.
  3. Reflecting on negative things about my marriage with positive outcomes with my ex.
  4. Watching live footage of Prince performing Purple Rain.
  5. Watching Prince’s Super Bowl XLI halftime show.
  6. Enjoying the near 80 degree weather with my dogs.
  7. Going on a run, despite only four hours of sleep and my aches and pains from lack of sleep.
  8. Discussing my ideas with my ex about the non-profit I want to create.
  9. Playing with my neighbor’s two month old English Bulldog…Love Puppies.
  10. Not waking up with the Norovirus (still keeping my fingers crossed that I didn’t catch it from work).


Positive Thinking: What was Great about Today

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This is for Monday, April 18th. I’m a little late writing this, but better late than never,  right?

  1. It was a  ME day. I didn’t work. I just enjoyed the day.
  2. Watched the movies, Concussion and Daddy’s Home.
  3. I woke up early enough after getting home this morning from work to go on a run.
  4. Eating chocolate chip cookies, I have fat to lose in my belly, but I still indulge.
  5. I enjoyed being outside and the nice weather.
  6. Finally bought a frame for my Kandinsky.
  7. I didn’t worry about anything (for too long)…lol
  8. After work, I got groceries, so I could just do me things when I woke up.
  9. I just did fun things and ignored the laundry and the house cleaning.
  10. It was a zen day.

Weight Challenge -Not the Biggest Loser


The pups and I went to PetSmart this morning to get their Light dog food. We did a weigh in while we were there.

Zeus lost ONE pound. After all the exercising and dieting, I thought he lost at least five pounds. He lost ONLY ONE damn pound.

Now, I understand the frustration of trying to lose weight.

Apollo lost only two pounds.

Zeus has curves now after dieting as you can see in the pic on the left. The pic in the middle was taken before the diet. Apollo on the right after I cut back on their food.


The last couple walks Zeus has been resisting exercising. Yes, I’m pulling him as we go on our walk and, as soon as, I turn around to come home Zeus picks up the pass and trots right beside me.

I’m Jillian, The Weight Loss Dog Whisperer, Michaels.



It was so nice today not too hot and the sun was out briefly while I exercised my pups. Since the weather was pleasant, I decided to take them on the long walk, which led to exercising for three hours. I ran Apollo first then all of us went on a walk.

With tunes blaring in my ears, I thought about various things. I enjoyed being in the daylight, because I don’t get to do that all the time since I work graves. Exercising helps sort shit out and very relaxing.

After spending all that time outside, we’re all zen.


mt sanitas

The weather is getting warmer and friends and I plan to do more hiking this summer. I love to hike, because it’s a fun way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

One of my favorite hikes is Mt. Sanitas in Boulder. There is one trail that goes straight up and yes your booty and thighs will burn while doing this hike.

My ex and I did this hike often and could do the hard trail in 45 minutes. But it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Mt. Sanitas, it may take me a couple hours to get to the top.

There are so many places to hike and I haven’t explored that many trails. I went hiking in Evergreen with some friends one time and we got lost, there was snow on the ground and the weather was kinda cold. Luckily, we did find our way back to where our cars were parked.

Key thing when hiking: Don’t get lost, wear proper gear, take water and snacks and always be on the lookout for wild life. Yes, a mountain lion will eat you.

Dogs: Biggest Loser Challenging Me


My dogs are Fat. Yes, this is what the Vet said and they have to both lose 10 pounds. This is the consequences of being an Over feeder.

I’ve been feeding them less and feeling guilty the whole time that I’m starving them. Because I’m having guilt issues, I’ve been trying to think of snacks for them that are healthy and zero calories, like carrots, blueberries, bananas. Apollo, actually, likes broccoli.

We went on two walks today. I came home from work and they were excited to go on a walk. After sleeping three hours, we went on another walk.


Zeus, my 97 pound dog (however, I think he’s lost a couple pounds), resisted the whole time during the second walk. SO, I ended up pulling him the entire walk, until, we turned around to come home and he was a happy camper. He trotted right next to me and I didnt have to pull his heavy, furry body…LOL.



I’m going to start drinking smoothies as a snack between meals, because the breakfast bars have waaaaaay toooooo much FAT in them. The weight I’ve gained goes right to my stomach and I’m not losing it.

So, I thought smoothies have to be better than the breakfast bars. I looked up some Smoothie recipes last night and they’re easy to make. At the grocery store this morning, I bought some bananas and I have frozen fruit in the freezer. I bought ice cube trays and an ice bucket.

Anyone out there with smoothie recipes, please do share. Thank you.

Dance Classes


I’ve been thinking about taking dance classes. But since I’m single, I don’t know if I should take a dance class.

I want to.

But a girl can’t do the Waltz, the Fox Trot or the Tango by herself.

However, I’ve been wanting to take classes for awhile. Dancing is a great way to workout that doesn’t seem like exercising, because it’s fun.

I wonder if I can find just a dance partner on these dating sites…hmm.

Confession: Number Two


 These videos still have the wrapper on them.

I brought them like a month ago.

My goal is to have a six pack and a killer booty by this summer.

Summer is two and a half months away. I’ve got time. The six pack takes 6 weeks to achieve, Jillian says.