Christmas Movies

These are some of my favorite Christmas movies. Every year after my mother died, I’ve been watching Christmas movies.

The first movie I watched was 12 Men of Christmas on Lifetime and checked out the other Christmas movies on Lifetime.

Why do I like watching these holiday flicks?

They have happy endings and festive. Every year, there are new ones on Lifetime and the Hallmark channel to entertain us during the holiday season.


Life Moments


Often, I’m in my head thinking about life and what has happened, figuring out what I’m supposed to understand and if I’m at a crossroads.

I think all of us experience moments in life where we need to stop, think and figure out the moment we find ourselves in.

Many times I’ve experiened these moments. Some were not so big and others were life changing. But I learned something from each one.

When my dad was at the end stages of his cancer a part of me knew I was in a life moment. But, I let my fears and the conflict between my father and me get in the way of embracing that moment. I never told my dad I loved him and I didn’t try to resolve the conflict between us before he died. And, I regretted this.

I was in school when my mom found out she had lung cancer. Another life moment. These life moments don’t always happen at convenient times nor at times when we feel ready for them. They make their appearance and we can embrace them or ignore them.

Also, my ex and I were in Disney World on our honeymoon when I got the call my mother was in the Emergency room and she had cancer. We packed our bags and flew to Iowa.

As I sat there in the hospital with mom, a feeling came over me and I knew my time with her was going to end soon. So, I didn’t go back to graduate school, stayed in Iowa and I took care of her.

I spent what time my mother had left with her and made sure I had no regrets. I shared thoughts and feelings about my life with her, I tried to be there for her and I shared her last life moments with my mother.

When she died I had no regrets, but life memories that would help me later in life.

I find myself in another life moment as I write this. From what I’ve learned from past life moments, I know to just embrace this moment with no fear amd see where it takes me.

Love Unconditionally


I’ve been fortunate to experience being in love and being loved. It’s really sad if one has never experienced being loved. I think of all the kids living in orphanages waiting for a family and waiting for someone to love them.

This could have been me. I started my life in an orphanage. But, I was One of the Lucky ones to be adopted and adopted by people, who geniunely loved me like their own.

It’s because of my parents that I feel loved and know how to love.

Now, the title of this blog, Love Unconditionally, I want all of you to think about whether you have loved someone where your heart felt full of kindess, understanding, caring and desire for someone. And, you expected nothing in return.

I had this feeling last night about someone.

Love is in my heart for him. And, I expect nothing from him. Sure, I desire him to love me back, but I understand this may never happen. And, I’m ok with it.


Because, what I know now is loving unconditionally means just love. Feel what’s in your heart. Don’t love so you can get love back, because it’s not guaranteed that loving someone that they will love you.

Loving unconditionally with no expectations, it leaves me peaceful inside and I feel good just caring and sharing my love.

Share Your World 2016 #29

My favorite pictures to answer Paardje Question to Share Your World 2016 #29.


This is my little Rottweiler, Daisy, who I lost to cancer 3 years ago. She was only 7 years old. In this picture, Daisy is five years old, I think.  I rescued her after she was abandoned at a PetSmart grooming center. She was only 3 months old. Daisy was so spunky and forever a puppy. She loved to play, chase her brothers around the yard and fetch anything I threw. I miss her every day and wish she was still with us.


A collage of my fur babies Apollo is the red Rottweiler, Zeus is the multi-colored Rottweiler and Daisy the full breed Rottie. The pics with Daisy were when we found out she had cancer, except for the dog park pic, which I created through Photoshop and put my pups in the pic. All of my dogs are rescues. Zeus and Apollo were adopted from a Texas animal shelter. And, all three grew up together.

Random Question: Number Thirteen


Ya ever wonder, why some people win the lottery jackpot and some people don’t?

My grandma played the Powerball every drawing. She passed away a long time ago, but I remember her, always, getting lottery tickets. My grandparents were poor and struggled with money. The rest of the family helped my grandparents and we would get my grandma lottery tickets, because we knew how much she wanted to win.

She never won.

Grandma was the sweetest lady and always baking. She was deserving of a lottery jackpot win and I’m sure she would have baked even more with all that money.

I was wondering today why some people win the lottery and why didn’t my grandma win. Some people, who won tons of money, wasted it or let it ruin their life. When the Powerball jackpot was in the billions and one winner overdosed on cocaine from partying after winning the money.

There was this show about lottery winners and I thought what a waste when one winner showed all the “stuff” he bought with the money. He ended up filing bankruptcy and spending all the money.

Winning millions of dollars, there’s plenty to keep a person comfortable for the rest of their life. Does one really need $50,000 statues?

If I won, yes, I would go on a shopping spree. And, I’ll admit it I would buy a fast car, like a Bugatti, because I’m daring and like speed…LOL. But, I would invest a certain amount of money to make sure I could live comfortably the rest of my life. However, millions of dollars doesn’t need to be wasted on frivilous stuff when there’s so many things that the money could be used for to help the less fortunate.

I would create a santuary or some kind of non-profit that saved dogs. Pups are closest to my heart, so I would take advantage of having all that money and help dogs, who need assistance and a home.

Every lottery winner should spend some of their winnings helping the less fortunate. I mean wouldn’t that be paying it forward for their good fortune?

Positive Thinking: What’s Been Great


I know it’s been awhile since I posted a Positive Thinking post, but every day I try to keep my focus on the good things that happen throughout the day.

  1. One of my dogs, Zeus, had surgery to remove one of his toes and that surgery went well. His foot where the toe was taken has healed and with the toe removed he’s not in pain when we go one walks.
  2. News on Zeus’ toe that was removed. The bone did have a cancerous tumor, but it’s not a cancer that spreads. So, Zeus is cancer-free, as far as, we know, but the Vet was confident the toe removal took care of the cancer.
  3. I’ve been taking time to enjoy my days off instead of always working on something. For a few hours every day off, I’ll take the time to watch a movie or hang with friends or read a book, etc. I get focused on things and work, work, work non-stop until I burn myself out, so I’m trying to balance my life.
  4. I watched Ride Along 2.
  5. Went to Happy Hour with a friend.
  6. Learning copywriting.
  7. Brushing up on SEO, which has changed and from what I read is always changing.
  8. I paid my license plates renewal a month early. This is great, because I, usually, am paying it during the grace period month…LOL.
  9. Watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.
  10. My sister’s generosity has no limits even when she can’t afford to be generous. She gets it from my father. They both want to, always, help family.

Cancer: My Zeus


Thursday, I took my pup, Zeus, to the Vet to have his toenail looked at, because it was bent. I was afraid he would get it caught on something and it would get ripped out of his paw. The vet wanted to take an x-ray of his toe to see if there was an infection.

After the radiologist looked at the x-ray, I get the news that Zeus has bone cancer in his toe. They want to amputate the toe so they can test the bone to see what kind of cancer it is or if it’s a benign tumor. From my understanding benign means it’s not cancerous, but the radiologist was like it’s cancer. The vet is saying the tumor could be benign.


I lost my Daisy to bone cancer three years ago come this July. I’m still not over losing her. All my pups are rescues. Daisy was abandoned at a Pet Smart grooming center in Texas and I saw her when the staff was walking her around the store. As soon as, I saw her I knew I wanted her and that I would name her Daisy.

Zeus, I rescued from an animal shelter. He was from a litter of 8 puppies. As soon as I saw the furball, I wanted him and he was my first puppy. I raised him since he was two months old, so losing him is going to be very hard.

Rottweilers are prone to getting cancer. Zeus is part Rottweiler, Black Lab and cattle dog. He’s a very laid back dog, stubburn, low-energy and stoic. He’s not the type of dog to snuggle with you or follow his master around. I, always, know he’s somewhere holding the floor down.

The news that Zeus could have cancer has depressed me. I haven’t wanted to do anything since Thursday. I don’t have kids so my dogs are my fur babies. I’m hoping that he doesn’t have cancer. If it’s is the Big C, I hope it hasn’t spread and by taking off his toe that it’ll give him a couple more years.

My Dad: Happy Father’s Day


This is dedicated to my dad, who died of cancer when he was only 55 years old. The pic of him above shows who he was. He loved fishing and was a HUGE Hawkeye fan. Every bowl game the Hawkeyes went to, my dad was there cheering them on and when they lost he was depressed for days.

My dad was a Proud Grandpa. When my nephew was born grandpa spoiled him immensely. It made my father extremely sad that he would not be around to watch his grandson grow up to be an adult. By the time my nephew was born, the cancer had spread to my dad’s bones.


I didn’t have the best relationship with my father. We conflicted a lot. When I watch the movie Trouble With The Curve the conflict between Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams characters is the kind of relationship I had with my dad. I know my father loved his children. He just had a hard time expressing it.

One of the things my father and I did was play Uno. I don’t know if my dad let me win or he just wasn’t good at playing cards, but I won a lot…LOL. He had t-shirts made where one side said Champion and the other side said Loser. When my dad won he would go put his shirt on and parade around posing and declaring he was the CHAMPION. It was quite funny.


My dad was an adventure seeker. He was the one, who knew how to have fun and always the prankster. We would go to Wisconsin to visit one of my mom’s aunts. There were waterslides there. I remember my father’s excitement to go to the waterpark. I would ride the waterslide with my dad. He would lie on his stomach and I would ride down lying on top of his back. Along with the waterslides, it was my dad, who rode the roller coasters and all the fast, fun rides with us at any amusement park we went to.


During the summer, my dad insisted we go on a family vacation. We would travel in the RV and we went to New York and all along the East Coast, Florida, California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Missouri and, of course, Wisconsin. Fun times, those family vacations and we had a map on the RV that we would fill in the states that we traveled to or through.


It didn’t matter that my dad was raising daughters he still taught us how to play sports. I wasn’t really that good at any sport, but my sister was at softball and volleyball. One time during one of the holidays, we were in the backyard playing football. I don’t remember everyone that was playing, but I do recall my dad tossing me between his legs for a touchdown. This was my sports achievement being small and tricking the opposing team for a touchdown…LOL.


I feel lucky to have had a father. He wasn’t my biological dad, but to him I was his daughter. Because of him, I learned to be strong, kind, outspoken, brave, independent, adventurous, playful, and being part of a family.

My dad wasn’t one, who could say I Love You or show affection, but loved his kids very much. He would help his kids with anything and had a HUGE heart. My father wanted to give us the World and he sure tried to.

Love you and Miss you, Dad.

Tyler Perry: Single Mom’s Club


Watching Tyler Perry’s movie, Single Mom’s Club. I, always, like his movies.

I don’t have children and only have a nephew. The times I took care of him it stressed me out and wondered how moms kept their sanity…LOL.

Being a single mother is even harder, because they have to do it all by themselves. The fathers, who continue to take care of their children after a divorce, deserve to be appreciated for being dedicated to their kids.

Leaving the mother to raise their children on their own, it happens way too much. Raising kids is the hardest job and moms and dads need to be recognized for the hard work they do EVERY day.