Orthotic Shoes



Orthotic Shoes have improved since I searched for them three years ago. I injured my foot and have not been able to wear cute shoes since my injury. Day after day, I wore my tennis shoes, because my orthotic inserts fit in them. But the inserts doen’t go in cute shoes!

The other day I thought I’ll search the web for orthotic sandals and came across the Orthotic Shop website. They have a variety of shoes!


I test drove my sandals today that I bought from the Orthotic Shop and they give me the support I need. Cute sandals, right?

This discovery has me so excited. I painted my toenails since I can wear sandals, again!


Victoria Secret Panties – Random Question: Number Thirteen


While in Vegas, Katie and I were able to catch the Victoria Secret sale on their panties 8/$27.50. They are my favorite undies that was until they changed the way they made them. I liked the bikini panties, because they didn’t ride up my booty.

The new bikinis aren’t like the old ones. Damn, things end up riding up my butt. Drives me nuts. I bought their boyshorts to try them out, because friends told me they didn’t ride up.

It must be me. The boyshorts give me a wedgie.

Does Victoria Secret test their panties to make sure they don’t creep up into a girl’s booty? I’m thinking the answer is, NO. They should start testing them for as much as they charge for them.

Dress – Life Lesson: Number Sixteen


I wore this dress during Ladies Night when we saw Wanda Sykes not thinking about the wind.

Yes, flowy, short, skirt dresses and wind do not go together. Every time the breeze picked up, I was holding the skirt of my dress so I wasn’t giving a peep show to all the people we passed as we walked to Comedy Works.

I did have a slip on underneath and only that would have been flashed for all to see, but still I didn’t want the wind whipping the skirt of my dress up.

Sex and the City

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I’m a HUGE Sex and the City fan. When the HBO series ended I got depressed. It was like losing my 4 best friends.

Of course, I brought the DVDs, every season and watched the episodes a million times. I know the shows by heart. Yes, I’m a Sex and the City addict.

When the series was on HBO I thought I was Carrie, because she was a writer. But now that I’m single and one of the many in the dating arena, I’m thinking, I’m so Charlotte.

Charlotte was tired of dating and wanted to find her Prince Charming. She thought she found him, but got divorced. My life has been like Charlotte’s.

However, Charlotte found her happily ever after with her divorce lawyer.

My divorce was amicable. No lawyers were involved.

Damn, I should have hired a lawyer. He might have been my King!

Moving – Random Question: Number Seven


For an hour, I untangled all the necklaces that were in a heap in my jewelry box. I’m going through blocks of time where I’m obsessed looking for things.

Yes, I was looking for my favorite earrings, again. LOL

While looking for my earrings, I thought, OH…let’s see what jewelry I have that was boxed up for 7 years. You heard right, SEVEN years. When I look for things it’s like going shopping, because it’s been so long since I’ve seen all my stuff.

As I was untangling my necklaces, I wondered if there was a better way to pack things when moving? I’ve moved a lot. It’s not my favorite life event, but sometimes it’s necessary.

How does one keep everything organized and from breaking when moving? My jewelry box needs some superglue, because while in storage somehow it broke. sad smiley