Positive Thinking: What Has Been Great


Despite how my day started with the PIG, who thought it was ok to say sexual things to me, I thought a Positive Thinking post was in order.


  1. My pups always make my days brighter and give me peace of mind knowing they will rip someone’s leg off if they try to hurt me.


2. The Soda Bottles that are half the size than the regular ones. Whoever invented these soda bottles is a genius and perfect for me, because I can never finish a full size one.


3. Friends, because they make life better and fun, and one of my friends this week was so sweet.


4. I discovered the buttermilk chicken sandwich at McDonalds the other day and it’s Yum, Yum, Yummy.


5. I watched Independence Day and it’s still a Great movie. It has been a long time since I’ve seen it.


6. Snapchat face changer, it allows me to share my silly side and start my day with a laugh.


7. I interrupted my procrastination and worked on my query letter and synopsis so I can solicite literary agents.


8. Nutribiotic all natural nose spray, I’ve gone through the worst part of allergy season without getting sick so far.

9. I found out these movies, I’ve been wanting to see, will be available at Redbox soon. I live a very uneventful life and don’t do much…LOL.


10. Ice Cream, my summer treat that I eat a lot of only when it’s hot out. Some of my favorite places to get ice cream McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Liks and Sonic.

What positive things have been happening for my fellow bloggers?


Share Your World 2016 #29

My favorite pictures to answer Paardje Question to Share Your World 2016 #29.


This is my little Rottweiler, Daisy, who I lost to cancer 3 years ago. She was only 7 years old. In this picture, Daisy is five years old, I think.  I rescued her after she was abandoned at a PetSmart grooming center. She was only 3 months old. Daisy was so spunky and forever a puppy. She loved to play, chase her brothers around the yard and fetch anything I threw. I miss her every day and wish she was still with us.


A collage of my fur babies Apollo is the red Rottweiler, Zeus is the multi-colored Rottweiler and Daisy the full breed Rottie. The pics with Daisy were when we found out she had cancer, except for the dog park pic, which I created through Photoshop and put my pups in the pic. All of my dogs are rescues. Zeus and Apollo were adopted from a Texas animal shelter. And, all three grew up together.

Positive Thinking: What’s Been Great


I know it’s been awhile since I posted a Positive Thinking post, but every day I try to keep my focus on the good things that happen throughout the day.

  1. One of my dogs, Zeus, had surgery to remove one of his toes and that surgery went well. His foot where the toe was taken has healed and with the toe removed he’s not in pain when we go one walks.
  2. News on Zeus’ toe that was removed. The bone did have a cancerous tumor, but it’s not a cancer that spreads. So, Zeus is cancer-free, as far as, we know, but the Vet was confident the toe removal took care of the cancer.
  3. I’ve been taking time to enjoy my days off instead of always working on something. For a few hours every day off, I’ll take the time to watch a movie or hang with friends or read a book, etc. I get focused on things and work, work, work non-stop until I burn myself out, so I’m trying to balance my life.
  4. I watched Ride Along 2.
  5. Went to Happy Hour with a friend.
  6. Learning copywriting.
  7. Brushing up on SEO, which has changed and from what I read is always changing.
  8. I paid my license plates renewal a month early. This is great, because I, usually, am paying it during the grace period month…LOL.
  9. Watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.
  10. My sister’s generosity has no limits even when she can’t afford to be generous. She gets it from my father. They both want to, always, help family.

Positive Thinking: What was Great About the Past 12 Days


For May 20 – 31, 2016

It’s been awhile since I made a Positive Thinking post, but will try to make up for it in this blog.

  1. Painting a tribute Prince picture – the night was so much fun and hanging with friends.
  2. Sleeping – getting sleep will always be something great in my life, because I don’t get enough.
  3. Expressing my feelings about this guy I was dating – I’d kept quiet about my feelings for several months. It was nice to get them out in the open.
  4. Telling the guy I was dating how I feel – despite how things have turned out between him and I, I don’t regret expressing how I feel. It’s better to just say it then be afraid.
  5. Doing things I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I lived in the moment quite a bit these past 12 days.
  6. Going to Vegas.
  7. Just doing things on impulse. All the girls were just sitting on one of the dancer’s lap in their pic. I wanted my pic to be different and surprised the dancers when I laid down for my pic…LOL. thunderpic
  8. I didn’t do anything really crazy in Vegas, because I was in Vegas. But I had a lot of fun just being there.
  9. Hanging with two of my friends and doing things on my Bucket List.
  10. Despite being tired and not feeling good, I pushed myself to do the things I’ve wanted to do that’s on my bucket list, Vegas, going to a male stripper show, flying, and conquering the Terrordactyl.
  11. Seeing the new X-men movie.
  12. Eating pho with my friend that visited me this holiday weekend.
  13. Going to a baseball game and getting drunk in the afternoon…LOL.
  14. Getting Liks ice cream.
  15. Showing my friend Central Denver where I use to live.
  16. Watching the movie The Intern.
  17. Conquering the Incline, again.
  18. Dunkin Donuts, my friend that was here this holiday weekend bought some for us while she was here…Love donuts.
  19. Flying in a glider, I’ve wanted to fly every since I saw 50 Shades of Gray and seeing Anastasia and Christian fly in one. It was so much fun and easy to fly.
  20. Doing absolutely nothing today. I’m sore and exhausted, but I had tons of fun these past 12 days.

Vegas Adventures


Arrived in Vegas Tuesday night starving and sleep deprived, Katie got two hours and I slept five hours. However, we were at sea level and living in altitude for so long or maybe it was excitement why Katie and I were not tired. First thing we did, we went to Nobu for some sushi.

When we arrived there and sat down at the bar, this guy offered to buy us a drink. I ordered a Pina Martini and Katie got a Bloody Mary. The guy said he wasn’t trying to pick us up…LOL. He must have mistaken us for young and stupid. After saying, he wasn’t trying to pick us up the guy either didn’t have game or my F*#k off vibe kept him from working us.

He stopped trying to have a conversation with us. When the drinks came and he didn’t pay for them right away I knew the guy was a schmuck and we were going to be left paying for them, which is exactly what happen. But, it didn’t matter to us, because we didn’t go to Vegas to get picked up by some Sugar Daddies or hit on at all.

It was a Girls’ Holiday and Katie and I were there to have fun minus boys.


After we had our sushi snack, Katie showed me around Caesar’s Palace. As you can see from the pictures, we were transported to Rome. We ate gelato while taking in the sites of the Roman Palace and couture shops.





After checking out Caesar’s Palace, Katie showed me the Bellagio and as you can see they have a fish theme. I loved it, because I want an aquarium filled with colorful fish.


While we were walking around, a guy approached us and asked us if we wanted to party. In Vegas, do we want to party? Katie and I looked at each other and at the same time answered the guy, YES! He gave us six FREE drink vouchers and got us into Club Hyde for Free. He worked there and they were looking for more ladies to fill up their club, lucky us!

Katie and I had so much fun dancing and drinking our free drinks. The champagne didn’t taste great, but we didn’t care since it was FREE. Confetti would spray down every once and awhile, but I didn’t get a shot of it.

We enjoyed ourselves until the club closed. It was 4 a.m. by the time we dragged our tired butts to bed.


The Bellagio water display was on the top of the list for the next day. I wanted to see this every since I saw it in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. We were going to go back and watch it when it was dark, but ran out of time. I got to see the water dance around and that’s all that mattered.

We thought we had lots of time before 9 p.m., but time seem to fly on this day. It was a mad dash to buy some Victoria Secret panties then back to the hotel to change. Yes, we went all the way to Vegas to buy VS boy shorts..LOL. The sale on the panties was only for that night, so we had to take advantage of the 8/$27.50 panties.


Lyft was our mode of transportation everywhere we went in Vegas. The Uber driver that took me to the airport in Denver told me to take Lyft while in Vegas, because during the week it was half off the price.

Our Lyft driver showed us the volcano at the Mirage as we we were going to Paris to have a snack at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. We ran out of time and didn’t have time for a whole meal.



At Ramsay’s, we had fingerling potatoes and sticky, toffee pudding. Both were very yummy. Katie had a Bloody Mary, her favorite drink if you haven’t figured that out already. And mine is martinis, the guy I was dating introduced them to me and they’ve become a preferred drink. I had a strawberry martini and everywhere we went everyone made a fab martini.

The light art in the pic Katie said it’s of Ramsay cooking.

This night ended with the Thunder from Down Under. Blog to come soon.

Friends – Random Question: Number Twelve


Can a guy and a girl be friends? I mean platonic friends, like, a girl and a girl are friends or a guy and a guy are friends?

Can a guy and a girl be friends after they have dated?

I’ve never had problems being friends with the opposite sex or guys I use to date.

But, my dad didn’t think a guy was really a girl’s friend, because the guy was only hanging around just to have sex with the girl.

What do my readers think, was my dad right?


Positive Thinking: What was Great about the Weekend


For May 6 through May 9, 2016

  1. I’m back to working on my book and I’m on Chapter 21 (34 chapters in the book).
  2. Painting with my friend Katie.
  3. Hanging with my friend Katie at Olive Garden (one of my favorite restaurants)
  4. Trying a Mango Martini, it was GooooooD.
  5. Watching The Night Before (movie was funny).
  6. Taking the plunge and booking my Vegas trip….VEGAS!!!
  7. Sleeping eleven hours, today, I, finally, got some sleep. I love sleep.
  8. Making strawberry shortcake, one of my favorite summer time desserts.
  9. Having 6 days off, time off from work is, always, a good thing.
  10. Taking the time to watch one of my favorite movies, Hancock.

Positive Thinking: What was Great about this Weekend

download (5).jpg

For April 29-May 1

I want to preface this post with how the positive thinking is going. It really does make a difference.  Especially on the days that try my patience and tempt a bad mood to rule the day, I really focus on the positives during these times. It keeps me in a cheery mood and to realize what was good among the not so good.

  1. Stepping out of my comfort zone and deciding to go to Vegas! I’m a bit of a tight wad with money. I get this from my mother, who was not one to just do and buy like my dad.
  2. Enjoying the sun for the 10 minutes I saw it this weekend, it rained/snowed the entire time.
  3. Helping co-workers when I can.
  4. Sleep…it’s scarce when I work.
  5. Mediterranean salad, I bought for lunch.
  6. Chatting with some co-workers that I haven’t chatted with outside of work.
  7. It’s May, which means only one month left of random snow days.
  8. Seeing one co-worker, we always laugh and laugh when we see each other.
  9. One of my co-workers in the emergency room, where I used to work, his baby boy was born today, healthy and so cute.
  10. Snicker doodle cookies, a different co-worker in the emergency room bought me the cookies Saturday night, which was really nice of him to do that.

Positive Thinking: What was Great about Today


For April 28, 2016

  1. Figuring out how to put my Prince songs I bought on Amazon on my Spotify account.
  2. Making more profile pics with Prince on Photoshop.
  3. Having my lunches ready for work this weekend.
  4. Getting lots of sleep.
  5. Making plans with friends to take a trip to tour Paisley Park.
  6. Reading inspiring posts on Facebook and WordPress.
  7. Hugging my dogs.
  8. Going on a run with my Red dog, despite the weather being cold, it was a nice day.
  9. Having the day off from work.
  10. Being at peace with my life.