Christmas Movies

These are some of my favorite Christmas movies. Every year after my mother died, I’ve been watching Christmas movies.

The first movie I watched was 12 Men of Christmas on Lifetime and checked out the other Christmas movies on Lifetime.

Why do I like watching these holiday flicks?

They have happy endings and festive. Every year, there are new ones on Lifetime and the Hallmark channel to entertain us during the holiday season.


April Fool’s Day – My Father


This is my Father’s day, because he was always the prankster. He liked making people laugh and he came up with some pretty silly things.

Short-sheeting beds, saran wrap on the toilet, and rubber snakes (scaring my mom), but the most memorable one for me was one Easter holiday.

My dad thought it was hilarious to blindfold his kids for the Easter egg hunt. We were older and smarter (I think I was seven), so finding the eggs would have been easy for us that was until we were blindfolded.

As we hunted for the eggs, my mom and dad yelled, Warm or Cold. They laughed and laughed. And took pictures of us struggling to find the eggs with our eyes covered.

Yeah, memories of my father’s twisted humor. Always, it makes me smile and laugh.

Miss you, Dad.

Valentine Candy-Life Lesson: Number Ten


There was a post on Facebook about Valentine Candy being 50% off on February 15th. I got excited, because I almost forgot this factoid.

The next day, I remembered to go to the store and checkout the Valentine candy sale. By the time I got to the store (the sun was setting), the candy had been picked over.

BUT, I found a bag of candy that was a mix of bite sized Butterfingers, Baby Ruth and Crunch bars. SCORE!!

I was at the self-checkout and the bag of candy didn’t come up the sale price. WTH!

Closer examination of the bag, I saw the Bunny on it. DAMN! It was Easter candy.

Look at the bag of candy closely when shopping after holiday sales. bunny