Italian Charm Bracelet


I remembered to wear my Italian charm bracelet. Several weeks ago, I found it when I was organizing my jewelry boxes.

There aren’t many charms on it, so I want to get more. The charms I want are a Rottweiler, butterfly, one with my birthstone,  Iowa Hawkeye, I love dogs. I need to see what other charms are available.


Moving – Random Question: Number Seven


For an hour, I untangled all the necklaces that were in a heap in my jewelry box. I’m going through blocks of time where I’m obsessed looking for things.

Yes, I was looking for my favorite earrings, again. LOL

While looking for my earrings, I thought, OH…let’s see what jewelry I have that was boxed up for 7 years. You heard right, SEVEN years. When I look for things it’s like going shopping, because it’s been so long since I’ve seen all my stuff.

As I was untangling my necklaces, I wondered if there was a better way to pack things when moving? I’ve moved a lot. It’s not my favorite life event, but sometimes it’s necessary.

How does one keep everything organized and from breaking when moving? My jewelry box needs some superglue, because while in storage somehow it broke. sad smiley