Christmas Movies

These are some of my favorite Christmas movies. Every year after my mother died, I’ve been watching Christmas movies.

The first movie I watched was 12 Men of Christmas on Lifetime and checked out the other Christmas movies on Lifetime.

Why do I like watching these holiday flicks?

They have happy endings and festive. Every year, there are new ones on Lifetime and the Hallmark channel to entertain us during the holiday season.


Positive Thinking: What Has Been Great


Despite how my day started with the PIG, who thought it was ok to say sexual things to me, I thought a Positive Thinking post was in order.


  1. My pups always make my days brighter and give me peace of mind knowing they will rip someone’s leg off if they try to hurt me.


2. The Soda Bottles that are half the size than the regular ones. Whoever invented these soda bottles is a genius and perfect for me, because I can never finish a full size one.


3. Friends, because they make life better and fun, and one of my friends this week was so sweet.


4. I discovered the buttermilk chicken sandwich at McDonalds the other day and it’s Yum, Yum, Yummy.


5. I watched Independence Day and it’s still a Great movie. It has been a long time since I’ve seen it.


6. Snapchat face changer, it allows me to share my silly side and start my day with a laugh.


7. I interrupted my procrastination and worked on my query letter and synopsis so I can solicite literary agents.


8. Nutribiotic all natural nose spray, I’ve gone through the worst part of allergy season without getting sick so far.

9. I found out these movies, I’ve been wanting to see, will be available at Redbox soon. I live a very uneventful life and don’t do much…LOL.


10. Ice Cream, my summer treat that I eat a lot of only when it’s hot out. Some of my favorite places to get ice cream McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Liks and Sonic.

What positive things have been happening for my fellow bloggers?

How to be Single


I just watched How to be Single and it was really funny, but I didn’t expect it to be serious. Dakota’s character struggled with figuring out who she was. She meets a guy, who is still grieving over the death of his wife. And, of course, Love is discussed in the movie in many different scenarios.

The whole time I was watching this movie I was thinking about being single.

I don’t mind being Single. It’s very peaceful. But it can get lonely.

Dating sucks. But I haven’t been on any dates, except, one and that was with the guy I dated almost six months ago. However, I have chatted with some guys and there was no spark with any of them. Yes, spark is possible just from texting and there wasn’t even a tingle with any of them.

With the guy I dated, there was crazy chemistry between us even before we physically met. After we met, sparks like fireworks ignited. We clicked and the desire for each other was so Hot.

I’m looking for that when I’m talking to a guy.

And or, maybe, I’m too focused on me, because I really have no desire to find Mr. Right at the moment.

But if Prince Charming were to come into my life and Love blossomed between us, I would ride the Love adventure and see where it takes me.

Pursuit of Happyness


I loved this movie. Chris Gardner is such a Great role model for success.

The struggle that Gardner went through to accomplish his goals really portrays what life is all about.

Everything is a struggle.

The career we desire.

The life we want.

Money we wish for.

Love we desire.



Raising kids.


Sucks that everything is a struggle, but if we didn’t go after the things that would make us happy then what kind of life would we have?

Positive Thinking: What was Great About Today


For April 23 and 24, 2016

  1. Seeing Wanda Sykes, Saturday April 23. It was a fun night filled with laughs.
  2. Sitting on the stage, where Wanda performed. We could have touched her we were so close.
  3. Having a Ladies Night, getting dressed up, going out, and having a good time.
  4. Eating at one of my favorite restaurants, Maggianos.
  5. Drinking some really tasty wine, Seven Daughters Moscato white wine, very fruity.
  6. Trying a Lemon Drop Martini, it was DEE lish.
  7. Giving our leftover Maggianos to homeless kids and their four dogs.
  8. Being able to walk around in high heel boots and not being in too much agony.
  9. Hanging out with a friend and having a Sex and the City moment, drinks and talking about our guy problems.
  10. Watching the movie Sisters with a friend.
  11.  Watching Prince and Lenny Kravitz perform together, that would have been a dream concert to be at with those two on stage together.
  12. Not being too hung over, despite that I drank more than usual Saturday night and mixed my alcohol, wine and Vodka.
  13. Going on a run and feeling better after my very late Saturday night.
  14. Watching Burnt, finally, after renting it three times and it was really good.
  15. Having a lazy day of really doing nothing and not stressing over doing nothing.
  16. Coming to conclusions about a situation and realizing that a particular person in my life really views me poorly and negative and not the right person for me.
  17. Being firm on what I want in a relationship and not just accepting what a guy wants to give to be with him. I’d rather be alone then settle.
  18. Making plans with a friend for some future fun times.
  19. Giving my pups hugs, they were with my ex on Saturday and, of course, I missed them even though it was only one day they were gone.
  20. Laughing, I try to do it every day.


Positive Thinking: What was Great about Today

images (8)

This is for Monday, April 18th. I’m a little late writing this, but better late than never,  right?

  1. It was a  ME day. I didn’t work. I just enjoyed the day.
  2. Watched the movies, Concussion and Daddy’s Home.
  3. I woke up early enough after getting home this morning from work to go on a run.
  4. Eating chocolate chip cookies, I have fat to lose in my belly, but I still indulge.
  5. I enjoyed being outside and the nice weather.
  6. Finally bought a frame for my Kandinsky.
  7. I didn’t worry about anything (for too long)…lol
  8. After work, I got groceries, so I could just do me things when I woke up.
  9. I just did fun things and ignored the laundry and the house cleaning.
  10. It was a zen day.



I’m a fan of football. I enjoy watching it and cheer on the Hawkeye Football Team and the Broncos.

And the fact that the NFL kept quiet about the damage the players were enduring to their brain, it disappoints me and pisses me off.

I dated a Hawkeye football player in college and he would say all the time how the players were just there to use and the coaches didn’t care about them. He was right.

It makes me sad that Money, Entertainment and Status over rules human life. This is the message that I got from watching Concussion.

I applaud Dr. Bennet Amulu for his bravery to take on the BIG NFL organization. Dr. Amulu didn’t take on the NFL for fame and money, he was a doctor and about saving lives. Despite that Dr. Amulu is a coroner, he kept trying to figure out why Mike Webster died. After he discovered the cause, the doctor’s focus was on saving other football players, who could be suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Dr. Amulu continues today to find a way to prevent CTE from producing tau protein, which kills cells in the brain that are responsible for emotions, mood and cognitive control.

Some NFL players and sports lovers may feel that the fame and money are worth the risk of getting CTE, so Dr. Amulu’s discovery of CTE and the controversy it caused was insignificant.

Because Football is Number One in America.

Movie Night


This is a rare moment for me. I’m, usually, doing something and rarely watch T.V. or rent movies.

Since, I’m taking a small break from working on my book to give my brain a break and my book is fresh to me when I go back to it next week.

I went to Redbox and got Daddy’s Home, Concussion, and Burnt, movies I’ve wanted to see for some time.

Reviews of the movies coming soon.

Romance and Fairy Tales


I finished the first edit of my book this afternoon then I exercised the dogs. The book flows well and I’m very happy with this version of it. My initial writing of the book I wasn’t happy with it and knew something was missing. It took a few years, but it came to me one day what was wrong with the book and I’ve been working on it like mad since that aha moment. One more edit then I’ll start searching for literary agents.

My book is a young adult, romance book and when I was exercising I thought about what I wrote. I recalled all the romance books I read and the relationship books. In every romance story, there is always a happy ending where the girl gets the guy of her dreams. The guy adores her and showers her with affection. And if there is a conflict between them, the guy makes some exaggerated gesture to show his love for his woman.

Reality…guys and relationships aren’t like the romance books. Everything that men want from a woman for a relationship to bloom, I’m surprised marriage even happens. Guys want girls to be mysterious, be virtuous, be positive, be happy, be spontaneous, be creative, and the list goes on. And women are the complicated ones…LOL.

Unlike the romance books and chick flicks, most guys don’t make grand gestures to show their love or chase a woman to get her back. Real life relationships are not like Pretty Woman, Cinderella, Dirty Dancing, An Officer and a Gentleman, or a Nora Roberts story.

Real life is filled with guys and girls having issues from their past, baggage from previous relationships, ego issues and the female and male expectations when it comes to finding the perfect partner. And, I haven’t included the cheaters, liars, and all of life challenges that make the fairy tale not so dreamy.

Yet, the romance genre is a billion dollar a year industry. With 84% of the readers being female, these women range in age between 30-54.

Women want romance in a relationship. We want the fairy tale. We want to meet our Prince, have a happily ever after, and a man who will cherish us and love us regardless of our flaws. When things don’t workout with that Prince, women want the grand gesture declaring his love and how they can’t live without her like we’ve seen in the movies and read in the romance books.

So, I think about my book and how unrealistic the romance is in it. I wonder are the romantic literature and chick flicks filling girls heads with silly expectations or are they good, because they give us an escape from reality.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Batman v Superman starts today! Of course, I want to see the movie.

I was surprised when I found out Ben Affleck is the new Batman. I’ll have to see how he does as my favorite Superhero. Michael Keaton is my fav actor who played the Dark Knight. But Affleck was the Daredevil, so I’m sure he’ll be a good Batman.

Henry Cavill, YUM! Need I say more? LOL!

I discovered Cavill when the Tudors was on HBO. Hot looking guy with a British accent and I’m in love, instantly. (wink)

My eyes were glued to the TV when I watched Man of Steel. Cavill makes a sizzlin Superman.

The eye candy, alone, will make Batman v Superman an Excellent movie!