Confession: Number Seven


I’ve been procrastinating by watching Prince videos. As I was watching a live version of Hot Thing, it reminded me that when I was a teenager I thought about becoming a dancer. Not a ballerina kind of dancer, but one that tours with music artists.

It’s the only regret I can think of not pursuing the dream of shimming and shaking with some HOT vocal talents and touring with them all over the world.

Being one of Prince’s backup dancers, now that would have been the BEST life experience, probably, even better than skydiving. Along with dancing with Usher, Bruno Mars, Ricky Martin, Nelly, Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz, some artists, whose music I love.

Damn, shoulda, woulda, coulda, jumped down the rabbit hole of dancing, my only life regret.


Paisley Park – Bucket List Add


An addition to my bucket list to tour Prince’s Paisley Park.

I would have Loved to have met Prince, but I’m really happy I got to see him in concert in 2004 during his Musicology Tour.

MySpace Tracker

Prince: Celebrity Death


It took a few days before I cried over Prince being gone. I spent the first few days in disbelief about the news of his passing, despite, watching all the videos posted about Prince.

Then today, I was watching Elton John’s Tribute to Prince and I couldn’t stop the tears. Why the Elton John Tribute? I don’t know. Maybe, it was just enough time for the reality of Prince’s death, finally, sinking in.

The passing of Prince is the first celebrity loss for me. I’ve listened to his music since I was a teenager and when I found out he was in concert while living in Texas I was so excited to see him.

I lost all of Prince’s music that I had when my Mp3 player broke. The only place I have it now is on my Amazon music account. I’ve been listening to his songs 24/7. He was so unique and daring along with his talent. This is why Prince was so appealing to me, because he was a rebel and did what he wanted.

Despite being a rebel, Prince was very giving, which no one knew about until his death. Prince’s long-time friend Van Jone’s interview with CNN.

Prince was not just a music sensation, but a Star with a Huge Heart helping friends, family and making a difference in people’s lives.

Photoshop Wonders


It would have been GREAT if I, actually, was able to take a picture with Prince where I’m about to nibble his ear…LOL.

But with the wonders of Photoshop, I have to settle for just making a pic with Prince and showing my Love for him. I made it for my Twitter profile pic. And I made an art deco one for my Facebook account.


Positive Thinking: What was Great About Today


For April 23 and 24, 2016

  1. Seeing Wanda Sykes, Saturday April 23. It was a fun night filled with laughs.
  2. Sitting on the stage, where Wanda performed. We could have touched her we were so close.
  3. Having a Ladies Night, getting dressed up, going out, and having a good time.
  4. Eating at one of my favorite restaurants, Maggianos.
  5. Drinking some really tasty wine, Seven Daughters Moscato white wine, very fruity.
  6. Trying a Lemon Drop Martini, it was DEE lish.
  7. Giving our leftover Maggianos to homeless kids and their four dogs.
  8. Being able to walk around in high heel boots and not being in too much agony.
  9. Hanging out with a friend and having a Sex and the City moment, drinks and talking about our guy problems.
  10. Watching the movie Sisters with a friend.
  11.  Watching Prince and Lenny Kravitz perform together, that would have been a dream concert to be at with those two on stage together.
  12. Not being too hung over, despite that I drank more than usual Saturday night and mixed my alcohol, wine and Vodka.
  13. Going on a run and feeling better after my very late Saturday night.
  14. Watching Burnt, finally, after renting it three times and it was really good.
  15. Having a lazy day of really doing nothing and not stressing over doing nothing.
  16. Coming to conclusions about a situation and realizing that a particular person in my life really views me poorly and negative and not the right person for me.
  17. Being firm on what I want in a relationship and not just accepting what a guy wants to give to be with him. I’d rather be alone then settle.
  18. Making plans with a friend for some future fun times.
  19. Giving my pups hugs, they were with my ex on Saturday and, of course, I missed them even though it was only one day they were gone.
  20. Laughing, I try to do it every day.


Prince: Icon, Legend..What Made Him Great


Many tears have been shed. Hearts are heavy. And the Love for Prince has been expressed in many ways since the announcement of his death.

Prince – His Greatness:

  1. Unique
  2. Amazing Talent
  3. Humble, Kind, Caring, Humanitarian
  4. Stayed true to his music
  5. Weird…and didn’t let anyone change who he was
  6. Prince’s eyes (hypnotizing, right ladies)
  7. Star, Icon, Legend – despite dealing with depression
  8. Only 5’2″, but proved size doesn’t matter and oozed sex appeal
  9. Self Taught Musician and Producer
  10. Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Sign O’ the Times, 7…simply Prince’s songs, Master of Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk…his music knew no bounds

Prince will live in our Heart…Forever!

Music Feeds the Soul


The artists in the picture are some of my top favorites. What makes them a top fav of mine? I like more than one song that they created and I can listen to them over and over and over.

I’m fascinated by their talent and charisma that shows through their music. Prince and Usher have a sex appeal that oozes from them as they sing. Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury’s vocal talents amaze me. I discovered Creed when I was taking care of my mom when she found out she had cancer. There’s something about Creed’s music that helped me through that time with my mother.

The lyrics in the songs by the artists reflect our feelings or situations that we are going through. There’s something about music that touches our soul. It can lift our spirits when the days are dark and get us through difficult times.How music does that I’m not really sure.

But I do know music will, always, be apart of my life.



I can’t believe Prince is gone. I’ve loved his music for so long. And, I watched his movie, Purple Rain. When I lived in Texas I saw him in concert and he was Fantastic.

In honor of Prince, some of his songs that I’ll, always Love.

Purple Rain

When Doves Cry


There was no one like Prince.

Prince is a Legend

Positive Thinking: Great Moments in My Life

download (1)

  1. Time with my dogs
  2. Raising my dogs from puppy hood
  3. Being adopted
  4. Experiencing being part of a family
  5. Opportunities I was given from being adopted
  6. Going to college
  7. Being loved
  8. Loving someone
  9. Experiencing marriage
  10. Living in Colorado
  11. All the people I’ve met
  12. Concerts I’ve been to
  13. Places I’ve traveled to
  14. Hiking, skiing, and exploring the mountain towns
  15. Water slides with my dad

More to come…



Let me preface this blog posting with, I don’t sing. Well, not when people are around.

However, my friends have talked me into doing the very thing that I have never and thought I would never do. And that is get up in front of strangers, Lipsync to some random song and make a fool of myself.

Liquid courage may need to be involved in this outing. A lot of liquid courage. But, I don’t want to get too tipsy and make even more of a fool of myself as I prance around and sing, Like A Virgin or Oops, I Did It, Again.

I’ll jump out of a plane and the thought of it doesn’t scare me at all. As, I sit here writing about the future excursion to a Karaoke bar, the thought of it is making me nervous…lol.

I just realized that I’ll be singing in front of strangers, so maybe it’s not going to be that bad, because I’ll never see these people, again.