Earth: Go Green


Leonardo Dicaprio’s plug at the Oscars about Saving Earth really needs to be taken seriously.

Every year for the past six years, I’ve seen changes in the environment that affects kids’ health. At a children’s hospital, there is a period of time considered respiratory season.

Now, respiratory season is year round instead of a couple of months. It’s so busy at work now due to the increase of kids with respiratory issues.

I suffer from allergies and noticed allergy season has been getting worse in the past couple years. Why is this?

I think it’s due to the changes from global warming. All of us need to Go Green any way we can. I’m guilty of not being green, but I am going to make an effort to.


Super Tuesday


I’m not a person to have heated debates about politics, but I do take elections seriously and pay attention to who the candidates are. It amazes me the percentage of people, who take for granted the Right to Vote. If you don’t get out there and Vote, you pretty much are ignorant to the realitiesĀ of FREEDOM.

It, also, amazes me the number of people, who do not educate themselves about politics, the government and the candidates running for President, Congress, Governor, Mayor, etc. Educating yourself about the very thing that revolves around your FREEDOM and Human Rights, it has been made easy with GOOGLE.

Trump is playing on the fact that the majority of people do not educate themselves about politics. Pay attention to his campaign. He’s entertaining, he’s using Shock Value, but the Dude knows nothing about being apart of the political process.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and soon we will Vote for who will be the leader of our Country. The information is out there, educate yourself about the candidates (beyond the TV commercials), and don’t focus on the campaign Taglines, but on the person, who they are and their political experience.