Freedom: You’re Free



The Power to Act, Speak, or Think as one Wants without Hinderance or Restraint. The State of not being Imprisoned or Enslaved.


Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control

The state of being subject to unjust treatment or control

Mental pressure or distress

I feel compelled to express my thoughts after the recent shootings by police officers that has killed African-Americans.

I’m not going to talk about police brutality or racism among those who are to protect and serve.

I’m going to discuss inequality, prejudice and racism.

It’s 2016 and still oppression exists. “You’re Free.” Really? Because we are not slaves? Because we have the right to vote? Because we have the right to own land? And I say “we,” because throughout history every race has been oppressed, civil rights denied and slaves to White Greed, White Hate and White Oppression.

Awe…I said White Greed, White Hate and White Oppression. I’m not implying hate all white people and all white people are horrible. No, I’m stating a FACT. Educate yourself on American history and not the edited version that leaves out how the Chinese were slaves to building the railroads, African-American slavery and broken treaties with Native Americans (plus, the slaughter of the many Indigenous lives).

The Fact that Hate and Oppression still exists TODAY is frustrating. And it’s not just racism among white people. Racism and prejudice are diseases¬†among all races and within races that has been passed on from generation to generation.

And it needs to STOP!

This is what I’ve experienced and witnessed in the 21st century.

Among my own family, Nigger is said and other derrogatory racial slurs, Spic, Jap, Chink, Injun when referring to a particular race. It’s NEVER ok to refer to a person by a racial slur. It’s demeaning, hateful and not funny.

Things haven’t changed and Hate and Ignorance still infect America when people are still using racial slurs.

I lived in Texas for a bit. Now, the South is an eye-opening experience. I’m not talking about the big cities in the South. I traveled through Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kentucky and visited the small towns in these states. Civil Rights was enacted in 1964 and the South pretty much ignored that this legislation exist.

Now, I know there’s Good Southerners, but if the Good Southerners deny, ignore or don’t acknowledge what is happening in the South then you’re just as guilty as those that are keeping racism, segregation and hate alive.

A white person told my ex that the Blacks know their place. Segregation isn’t openly displayed, but it’s there. And it’s not African-American or Blacks, my ex repeatedly heard Nigger over and over when talking to white co-workers.

Things haven’t changed and Hate and Ignorance still infect America when a race of people “know” their “place.”

Let’s not forget the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender population, who had to fight for legal marriage and continue to struggle with hate and violence against them. I have friends and family, who are gay. They are no different than heterosexuals. They want to live their lives in peace, be able to love who they want to love and don’t want to harm anyone.

Things haven’t changed and Hate and Ignorance still infect America when gay people fear being harmed, hated and judged if they reveal their sexual preference.¬†

Will it take many more deaths, new laws, or another century for EVERYONE to understand, embrace and work towards abolishing HATE, IGNORANCE, RACISM, PREJUDICE and finally make LOVE, ACCEPTANCE AND PEACE rule?