Victoria Secret Panties – Random Question: Number Thirteen


While in Vegas, Katie and I were able to catch the Victoria Secret sale on their panties 8/$27.50. They are my favorite undies that was until they changed the way they made them. I liked the bikini panties, because they didn’t ride up my booty.

The new bikinis aren’t like the old ones. Damn, things end up riding up my butt. Drives me nuts. I bought their boyshorts to try them out, because friends told me they didn’t ride up.

It must be me. The boyshorts give me a wedgie.

Does Victoria Secret test their panties to make sure they don’t creep up into a girl’s booty? I’m thinking the answer is, NO. They should start testing them for as much as they charge for them.


Friends – Random Question: Number Twelve


Can a guy and a girl be friends? I mean platonic friends, like, a girl and a girl are friends or a guy and a guy are friends?

Can a guy and a girl be friends after they have dated?

I’ve never had problems being friends with the opposite sex or guys I use to date.

But, my dad didn’t think a guy was really a girl’s friend, because the guy was only hanging around just to have sex with the girl.

What do my readers think, was my dad right?


Baby Shower – Random Question: Number Eleven


I was talking to a co-worker this morning before I left work and we discussed baby showers.

Who made the rule that a person can only have one baby shower and it’s for the first baby a mother has?

My co-worker and I agreed that a mother should have a baby shower for the first baby. She should have another one if her second baby is a different gender than the first baby. And, another shower if she has a baby several years later after her kids are older, because she may not have the essential infant items.

I don’t have kids, but I know they are EXPENSIVE. Diapers, alone, are one HUGE weekly bill.

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Freebies – Random Question: Number Ten


Why is it the mention of FREE food makes us so HAPPY?

This week it has been FREE food to show appreciation for all that Nurses do. Thursday, we had free ice cream. This morning was breakfast burritos. And tonight, we get to enjoy a nacho bar.

I miss working in the emergency room and the FREE pizza and other goodies. It’s crazy in the emergency room so management would, always, feed us. Man, Good Times…LOL.

Ready – Random Question: Number Eight


Why does it take me so freakin long to get ready? LOL

I was thinking this the other night when I was rushing around getting ready to go to the Paint n Sip. I was late.

Yesterday, I was rushing to work afraid I would be late, but I wasn’t.

I gave myself plenty of time to get ready both days and still I was rushing around, because it took me so looooooong to get ready. I don’t know what it is that takes up so much time. I only wear mascara for makeup. I don’t do much to my hair, but comb it.

But, it has always taken me like two hours to get ready to go somewhere. I have no idea what happens to the time.

Moving – Random Question: Number Seven


For an hour, I untangled all the necklaces that were in a heap in my jewelry box. I’m going through blocks of time where I’m¬†obsessed looking for things.

Yes, I was looking for my favorite earrings, again. LOL

While looking for my earrings, I thought, OH…let’s see what jewelry I have that was boxed up for 7 years. You heard right, SEVEN years. When I look for things it’s like going shopping, because it’s been so long since I’ve seen all my stuff.

As I was untangling my necklaces, I wondered if there was a better way to pack things when moving? I’ve moved a lot. It’s not my favorite life event, but sometimes it’s necessary.

How does one keep everything organized and from breaking when moving? My jewelry box needs some superglue, because while in storage somehow it broke. sad smiley

Relationships: Scorned and Scarred


When I met my ex, I was still getting over the guy that lied and cheated. My heart was broken, I couldn’t trust, anger filled my soul, and I didn’t believe there were any good men.

I have to hand it to my ex for standing by my side as I healed from that bad relationship. He put up with a lot of anger and just me being a woman scorned.

But if we would have met after I processed that bad relationship and was healed, would our relationship been different? Would we have even married each other? Would we still be together now?

Then I thought, is anyone ever healed or ready when someone else comes along. Is that how relationships work? We meet someone, who is there for a reason. Sometimes, it works and they are the person that is meant to be our forever. Sometimes, it doesn’t work, but they were the person that was meant to be in our lives at that moment.

It would be so helpful if Life came with a manual and we were told when the ONE comes into our life…lol.

Cat Parties – Random Question: Number Six


How does my place get so messy when I’m not even here? I worked all weekend and my place is a disaster. O.K., I’m exaggerating a bit on the disaster part, but I’ll be cleaning tonight.

I came to the conclusion that my house gets messy, because my pups are having cat parties when I’m not here.


Donuts: Random Question – Number Five

download (2).jpg

When someone brings donuts or cookies or candy, people are instantly happy. What is it about sugary treats that makes us excited and smile?

Is it the little party we have in our mouth when we eat the sugary snack?

Is it the fact someone took the time to make or get the treat?

Or is it because for a few minutes eating the tasty sweets makes us happy and relieves stress?

A co-worker told me she brought donuts and I did a happy dance before rushing to get one…lol.

Thinking- Random Question: Number Four

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I’ve often wondered if our lives have already been planned out for us or are there predetermined paths?

The path we choose have more predetermined paths?

Or is life just a result of the decisions we’ve made?

People we meet during our journey through life was it by accident or were we meant to meet them?

If God exists and if God does test us with the same thing to see if we learned from our mistakes, why does God test us?

What is the right answer when there are so many different answers to the same question?