Positive Thinking: What was Great About Today


For April 22, 2016

  1. Eating a Guacamole, bacon burger, fries and Chocolate Malt at Red Robin.
  2. Having a pleasant dinner with my ex.
  3. Reflecting on negative things about my marriage with positive outcomes with my ex.
  4. Watching live footage of Prince performing Purple Rain.
  5. Watching Prince’s Super Bowl XLI halftime show.
  6. Enjoying the near 80 degree weather with my dogs.
  7. Going on a run, despite only four hours of sleep and my aches and pains from lack of sleep.
  8. Discussing my ideas with my ex about the non-profit I want to create.
  9. Playing with my neighbor’s two month old English Bulldog…Love Puppies.
  10. Not waking up with the Norovirus (still keeping my fingers crossed that I didn’t catch it from work).



Men: Wanted – Looking for BFF


I’ve been thinking about how am I going to find the Guy, who I’m going to be friends with and, hopefully, will eventually turn to BFF kinda friend to (Keeping fingers crossed)┬áLove that lasts Forever.

Sooo…..I’m thinking my profile on these dating sites should read:


Hot Guy for friendship ONLY

Not looking for friends with benefits

Wanting a BFF

Who will do Fun things with me, go to chick flicks, be a shoulder to cry on and want to just hangout

Hopefully, after we are BFF, we’ll discover we are madly in love and have a Happily Ever After

I’m wondering if this profile description will get me lots of swipes to the right?

Restaurant: Maggianos


One of my favorite Italian restaurant’s is Maggianos. I may go there this Saturday and eat until I can’t fit in my clothes…lol.

Their food is so tasty and you get a lot of it. The Maggiano salad has blue cheese crumbles in it, which gives it a burst of flavor.

I hope the tomatoes are in season now. Their tomato, basil and mozzarella appetitizer is drizzled with olive oil and sooooo yum.

Looking at their menu, it has been awhile since I was there, because I didn’t see the Joey Z pasta. It was tasty and had just enough spice to it where it wasn’t to hot, but added a zing of Caliente flavor.

The tiramisu is my favorite dessert on the menu. It has just the right blends of sweetness to have a colossal party in your mouth.

Everything at Maggianos bursts with flavor. I mentioned in a previous blog that the usual dinner date is boring to me and would rather the guy entertain me, feed my Adrenaline Addiction or make me laugh, But I’d be ok with a dinner date at Maggianos. I wouldn’t be shy about eating…lol.