Another alternative medicine treatment I feel should be part of primary care with health insurance. Acupuncture is wonderful and makes me feel like I’m 20. It fixes the pain I have in my legs from injuries and it’s like I never injured myself.

The needles don’t hurt most of the time. It depends where they are put on your body. I will say that there are some areas on the bottom of the foot that it hurts like Hell when the needle is put in. But the benefits that come from acupuncture are worth the second of pain when the needle is put in.

I hope I get in to see an acupuncturist tomorrow, because my foot and legs have been screaming pain.




I’m a fan of football. I enjoy watching it and cheer on the Hawkeye Football Team and the Broncos.

And the fact that the NFL kept quiet about the damage the players were enduring to their brain, it disappoints me and pisses me off.

I dated a Hawkeye football player in college and he would say all the time how the players were just there to use and the coaches didn’t care about them. He was right.

It makes me sad that Money, Entertainment and Status over rules human life. This is the message that I got from watching Concussion.

I applaud Dr. Bennet Amulu for his bravery to take on the BIG NFL organization. Dr. Amulu didn’t take on the NFL for fame and money, he was a doctor and about saving lives. Despite that Dr. Amulu is a coroner, he kept trying to figure out why Mike Webster died. After he discovered the cause, the doctor’s focus was on saving other football players, who could be suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Dr. Amulu continues today to find a way to prevent CTE from producing tau protein, which kills cells in the brain that are responsible for emotions, mood and cognitive control.

Some NFL players and sports lovers may feel that the fame and money are worth the risk of getting CTE, so Dr. Amulu’s discovery of CTE and the controversy it caused was insignificant.

Because Football is Number One in America.

Baseball – Fun


A day of fun at a baseball game is inexpensive. Rock pile tickets $6, street vendor hotdog meal with chips and drink $5 and beer $7. I can go hang with friends and not break bank at a baseball game.

Whereas an Avalanche game, tickets are like $35 and higher. Broncos, if you can get tickets, start at $50.

And for three hours I get to stare at hot baseball players.

Baseball: Opening Weekend

Cubs Rockies Baseball

April 10th, this will be the first game I attend for the start of baseball season. I’m so excited.

It’s going to be so much fun. Drinking beer in the middle of the afternoon…lol. Of course, I have to eat a hot dog, popcorn and peanuts while I watch the game.

Going to a baseball game wouldn’t be complete without Sandlot beer, a hot dog and nuts.

Last year, I made it to the Opening Day game and one of the last games for the season. I plan to go to more games this year.

It’s one of my favorite things to do during the summer.

Summer Time

images (10)

I can’t wait til summer gets here. The weather is warm and there’s so much more to do, because the weather is nice.

A friend wants to go hiking when the weather gets warmer. I love to hike. It’s like working out, but doing it in a fun way. I get to be outside, chat with my friends and time passes and the calories burn.

Plus, summer means baseball! Another thing I love to do during the summer is go to baseball games. It’s a fun time hanging with friends and drinking beer!

And of course, the much anticipated adrenaline junkie activities I can’t wait to do this summer…skydive, fly in a glider and conquer the Terror…LOL!

I’ve been shopping for dresses getting ready for warm weather, sunny days and fun times!


images (6).jpg

A friend asked me, What would I want to do for a first date?  My response was, Go to a baseball game. He was surprised by my answer.

I have so much fun at baseball games. It doesn’t matter if the Rockies win or lose, either way, I enjoy just being at the game.


  1. It’s fun to drink in the middle of the afternoon.
  2. I get to enjoy the nice weather.
  3. I get to have a fun time with friends.
  4. I get to stare at some really nice butts…baseball players have AWESOME butts.

Need I say more? I can’t wait til baseball season starts!