Website: Technically Challenged


One of the challenges to starting a non-profit is starting everything…LOL. Actually, the website design was pretty easy for me, because I’ve done it before. Now, the design is basic. If I want fancier stuff on the website, I’ll need GoDaddy tech support to help me.

But right now, I’m waiting for Microsoft Office 2016 to install in my computer, which is taking FOREVER. With my GoDaddy package, I get the latest version of Microsoft Office, which I need for the business email and I get all the other Microsoft products. A HUGE plus! I will use all the other products for my writing and, of course, the non-profit.

I’m not sure all the website perks I get with the Premium Business package from GoDaddy, because I’m tech challenged. However, I plan to use GoDaddy’s tech support quite a bit…LOL.


Lg Tablet


I’m baking cookies and using my handy Lg Tablet (it’s a mini laptop). I haven’t used it much so I still need to learn what is on it. And figure out if it has a program like Microsoft Word. But I really like it, because it’s compact. 

It’s amazing how technology has evolved. Who would have thought that what we saw on the Jetsons cartoon would exist, Skype. I’m still waiting for the pretty masks that Mrs. Jetson used if her makeup and hair weren’t done and someone called…lol.