Europe: Should I Live There?


I was talking to a couple friends about living in Europe. One is, definitely, moving there.

If I didn’t have to find a job once I got there, I would be packing right now to move. I want to see Europe, Paris, Italy, etc and living in Europe would give me the opportunity to travel all over. I had a college friend that went to Japan right after graduation to teach English. She traveled all over and told us everything was close so travel was cheap and easy.

I’m not sure if I would live in Europe the rest of my life, but for sure a year or two then go from there and decide where I want to be.

My fellow bloggers that don’t live in America and overseas, what do you think should I live in Europe? What’s the cost of living there, how is the job market and any other tidbit of info you would like to share would be appreciated? Thank you. happysmiley