HGTV Obsession


I’ve been obsessed with HGTV. It’s funny that I watch this channel all the time now, because my ex was obsessed with HGTV. The DVR would be full of the shows he watched and I would complain about it. I got tired of him watching this channel all the time, but I did watch some shows with him.

The four shows I like are Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, Love It or List It and Flip or Flop. I’m amazed at the renovations and how beautiful they are. Also, the stars of the shows are entertaining and funny. There’s not one show that I like more than the other. All of them do renovations, but the shows are different.

Property Brothers has twin brothers Drew and Jonathan creating a couple’s dream home from a fixer upper. Love It or List It has Hilary and David competing against each other where Hilary improves a couple’s existing home as David shows them new homes trying to get them to sell. Flip or Flop is about couple Tarek and Christina fixing up homes and some of these houses are real dumps. Fixer Upper is about couple Chip and Joanna fixing up a couple’s new home that is a fixer upper.

After spending hours watching these HGTV shows, I want the stars of these shows to do the renovations on my house when I get one.


Comcast: Retention Department


I spent an hour on the phone with Comcast today with the intention of just shutting off my cable and home security, because my bill was almost $200 a month.

A few years ago, I called Comcast about canceling my cable and the woman in the Retention Department just said ok and shut off my cable. I called another time to try and get a promotional rate so my bill was around $100 and they wouldn’t help me.

Today, I called to just have my cable and home security shut off. The guy in the Retention Department not only got me my Triple Play package back to the intro price of $99 (with tax my bill will be $129 a month) for 22 months AND 3 months of HBO for FREE.

Is Comcast losing too many customers, because their prices are too HIGH?

Sex and the City

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I’m a HUGE Sex and the City fan. When the HBO series ended I got depressed. It was like losing my 4 best friends.

Of course, I brought the DVDs, every season and watched the episodes a million times. I know the shows by heart. Yes, I’m a Sex and the City addict.

When the series was on HBO I thought I was Carrie, because she was a writer. But now that I’m single and one of the many in the dating arena, I’m thinking, I’m so Charlotte.

Charlotte was tired of dating and wanted to find her Prince Charming. She thought she found him, but got divorced. My life has been like Charlotte’s.

However, Charlotte found her happily ever after with her divorce lawyer.

My divorce was amicable. No lawyers were involved.

Damn, I should have hired a lawyer. He might have been my King!