Graphic Design


After I taught myself how to use Adobe Photoshop four years ago, I’ve wanted to take Graphic Design classes, but I didn’t want to incur student loan debt. The hospital I work at has a tuition reimbursement program and I asked HR about it. From their response, it didn’t seem as though I would qualify for the program, because I wasn’t working in a department where graphic designers worked.

A few weeks ago, I told my manager I wanted to take graphic design classes and if I could get the tuition reimbursement. She said she would approve it. YAAAAY.

Starting this January, I’ll be busy with getting an Associates in Graphic Design. I hope to finish the program in two years.


Graveyard Shift


I’ve worked the graveyard shift for six years. Two years ago, I was tired of working the shift and was able to change my shift to a mid-day one, which is perfect for me. But then I was offered a job in a department I wanted to change to and went back to working graves.

The other day, I decided I’m really done working the grave shift and tired of being tired all the time. Yesterday, I slept pretty much the entire day after working three 12 hour graves in a row. I have two days off then go back and work two days.

I applied for a position in a different department where the hours are 11:00 A.M. to 11:30 P.M., which is perfect. I’m hoping I get the position so I can have normal work hours and my weekends off.

Website: Technically Challenged


One of the challenges to starting a non-profit is starting everything…LOL. Actually, the website design was pretty easy for me, because I’ve done it before. Now, the design is basic. If I want fancier stuff on the website, I’ll need GoDaddy tech support to help me.

But right now, I’m waiting for Microsoft Office 2016 to install in my computer, which is taking FOREVER. With my GoDaddy package, I get the latest version of Microsoft Office, which I need for the business email and I get all the other Microsoft products. A HUGE plus! I will use all the other products for my writing and, of course, the non-profit.

I’m not sure all the website perks I get with the Premium Business package from GoDaddy, because I’m tech challenged. However, I plan to use GoDaddy’s tech support quite a bit…LOL.



First, I have to say I’m a Michael Jordan fan. When he was with the Chicago Bulls I didn’t watch basketball or any sports that much. But when the Bulls were in the NBA Finals, I watched the games and was in awe of Jordan. When I saw this quote by him I thought it’s the perfect one for this blog.

I’m having one of those days where I’m not motivated to do anything, but stare at the TV in bed. Why? I have no idea. It could be due to being tired. I woke up after sleeping six hours for the second day in a row. I ate breakfast and decided to go back to sleep, because I couldn’t put two thoughts together. Since I was useless, I figured I needed sleep.

After a couple more hours of sleep, I woke up feeling like a slug. Despite wanting to just lay in bed all day, I forced myself to get up, because I still had to take care of my pups. This is why it’s Great to have dogs, because when I was really depressed several years ago my pups kept me going.

Since I was out of bed, I got dressed. I argued with myself to just take a day off, but then I told myself that the non-profit isn’t going to start itself and my book isn’t going to get published by itself. In the next breathe, I became overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done, the money aspect of starting a non-profit and the evil invisible Failure entity.

I told myself take a baby step and get the keys to the mailbox I rented for the non-profit. Because when I went to fill out the paperwork to establish the non-profit as a 501c3 with the State of Colorado, the address part stopped me and I didn’t want to put my home address.

After picking up the keys, I have to say it has lifted my mood and sparked some motivation in me.

Balance: Non-profit


 I worked on the website for the non-profit I’m creating on Saturday for eight hours. After the eight hours, I took my pups for a walk and when I came back I watched a movie. In the beginning of watching the movie, I struggled with just watching the movie, because I felt I should work on my non-profit some more.

However, I kept reminding myself I have to have balance. When I get focused on something I can go mach 10, ignore everything in my life and burn myself out. After telling myself over and over to keep balance in my life, I stopped pressuring myself to keep working and just enjoyed the movie.

Later that night, I had a panic attack and became overwhelmed over my non-profit endeavor. I wondered if I was getting into something that was going to be too much for me to handle. The fear of failure crept in. I calmed myself down by telling myself that I can’t do all of this by myself and to start looking for volunteers. And I told myself that I would make lots of mistakes, but that didn’t mean I was failing.

I had to try, because the real failure was to get caught up in my fears and do nothing to achieve my Goals.



Despite knowing death is going to happen, one is never fully prepared. A patient died tonight.

After working at the hospital for several years and experiencing many patients dying. It still makes me sad when death happens.

It’s quiet at work tonight with a heaviness in the air from the loss.

Non-Profit: Idea, Creating, and Coming Soon


As I was perusing Facebook, THE IDEA for the kind of non-profit to create hit me. I thought about its purpose,  its goals and figured out how to make it possible.

The GREAT thing about it is I can start it myself. I won’t need a staff, so the cost is minimal.

Best part about it, I’m fulfilling a dream, which is saving as many dogs as I can!

Yes, I still want to be a published writer and I’m still pursuing that. But, I’ve learned that in life a person should always have a plan A, plan B and a plan C.

The non-profit will be a fun, exciting and challenging job that I’ll enjoy doing as I wait to become Twilight Big writer success…lol. I don’t need to be that successful as a writer. But, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

If you recall my previous blog titled, Mom-Dreams, my mom was in this dream where I was discussing how I wanted to create a non-profit. Yeah, I know freaky, but I’ve come to learn that the dreams with my mother and/or my father in them they are telling me about the future.

Social Worker


I used to be a social worker before cancer took my mother away. After she died, I couldn’t do social work anymore. I didn’t have it in me to deal with other people’s pain, chaotic life and the compassion I had was gone.

The passion to help others was always a part of me. Compassion and understanding about people’s pain, their tragedies, and helping them was something that came natural to me.

But, I had too much pain and tragedy in my life where it left me with nothing to give to others.

Leaving my career as a social worker, I don’t regret it. The desire to go back to it, well, the desire has never come back. But, some people feel I should go back, because my education is in social work.

I feel that my social work life was a part of my past. Maybe, the things I learned during my time as a social worker were lessons I will apply to running a non-profit.


Freebies – Random Question: Number Ten


Why is it the mention of FREE food makes us so HAPPY?

This week it has been FREE food to show appreciation for all that Nurses do. Thursday, we had free ice cream. This morning was breakfast burritos. And tonight, we get to enjoy a nacho bar.

I miss working in the emergency room and the FREE pizza and other goodies. It’s crazy in the emergency room so management would, always, feed us. Man, Good Times…LOL.

Confession: Number Nine


It really annoys me when people don’t answer my text. Well, when I ask someone to work for me and they don’t answer. If a person doesn’t want to work the shift or has to check their schedule, text back and let me know if it’s a yes, no, or maybe.

Rarely, I ask for people to work my shift, because it’s graves and I know it’s harder than hell to get the shift covered. But, this time it’s important, because I have a friend flying in the day I have to work.

Ok, that’s my rant for the day…lol